10 best anime based on science

Although anime is primarily considered an entertainment medium, it can also be an educational tool. Some anime can make learning fun or entertain viewers to the point that they don’t realize they are learning. However, not all science-based anime intends to educate and enlighten.

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There are plenty of series out there that take certain scientific principles and flip them to see what will happen that are no less valid than those that are primarily educational. However, just because a series is trying to provide information on a certain topic doesn’t mean it can’t be fun, dramatic, and action-packed.

ten Cells at work are about everything that happens inside your body

Cells Survive in Cells at Work Code Black

cells at work takes place inside a human body. Cells become characters that perform the functions of real cells inside the body of every human being. The two protagonists, Hakkekkyuu U-1146 (a creepy white blood cell) and Sekkekkyuu AE3803 (a rookie red blood cell), live and work among the 37 trillion cells inside the body.

While living inside the body, they explain to the viewer the role of different cell types. cells at work is educational but also fun to watch and easy to understand.

9 Science fell in love, so I tried to prove she mixes science and romance

Science fell in love with Shinya and Ayame anime

Science fell in love, so I tried to prove it mixes the worlds of science and romance. It’s a slice-of-life comedy-romance with lots of fun but also some dramatic moments. Shinya Yukimura and Ayame Himuro are researchers at Saitama University.

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When Ayame realizes she is in love with Shinya, the Pragmatic Scientists engage in several experiments to try to figure out what love is and if they are actually experiencing it.

8 Science Ninja Team Gatchaman highlighted environmentalism in the 70s

Science Ninja Team Gatchaman tackled issues around conservation and environmentalism in the 70s. A team of super ninjas known as the Science Ninja Team battle a different villain each episode, hoping to put an end to their nefarious plans that aim to harm the planet.

Looks like the Japanese version of Captain Planet, combining action and superheroes with a wholesome message for viewers. the gatchaman The franchise went on to spawn many other iterations, from anime series to movies.

7 Moyashimon creates characters from microbes

Anime Moyashimon Floating Germs

Moyashimon focuses on Tadayasu Sawaki, who can see microorganisms with the naked eye and communicate with them. Microbes appear to Tadayasu as cute little chibi characters of all different colors and shapes.

Each episode revolves around Tadayu’s ability and the cast of characters at his university, where an illicit sake brewing operation takes place. While there’s no big overarching plot to get into, Moyashimon is a fun, light-hearted series with good character development and a unique take on microbiology.

6 A Certain Science Railgun Is About Students With Psychic Powers

Therestina activates her railgun in a certain science railgun

A certain scientific railgun is about an academy for students with ESP. “Espers”, as they are called, possess unique psychic powers. One of the students, Mikoto Misaka, has a special railgun lightning ability that makes her the 3rd ranked esper in the academy.

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The story centers around Mikoto and his friends and is filled with action, humor, intrigue, and fan service. The series is a spin-off of A certain magic clue, with its focus being on science as opposed to magic.

5 Comic psychosomatic medicine explains aspects of mental illness

Anime Comic Psychosomatic Anime Swan

comic psychosomatic medicine is a series of 20 episodes of just over 5 minutes each that explain aspects of mental illness. As the title suggests, the series is comical. A nurse and a psychologist act as hosts and crack jokes, mostly at each other’s expense.

The light tone is intended to put the viewer at ease while the hosts provide information on mental health and other sensitive topics. comic psychosomatic medicine is a fun series to watch and gives viewers tips on certain topics.

4 Fullmetal Alchemist is a dark series about the science of alchemy

The popular franchise Fullmetal Alchemist is all about the science of alchemy. Edward Elric is a brilliant alchemist and can create almost anything he desires, with the caveat that he must sacrifice something of equal value to do so.

To circumvent this, Edward and his brother Alphonse (whose soul Edward was bound to armor after his death) set out to find the Philosopher’s Stone. The Philosopher’s Stone would allow Edward to circumvent the Law of Equivalent Exchange and bring his dead mother back to life.

3 Dr. Stone is a unique anime about science and civilization

scientist senku (dr stone)

Dr Stone is a fascinating and exhilarating animated series that takes human history back to its beginnings. Dr Stone focuses on the aftermath of a blinding light that petrifies nearly all of humanity.

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3,700 years later, Senku Ishigami wakes up in a world reclaimed by nature where nearly all humans have been turned to stone. Along with his high school friend Taiju Oki, the two set out to revive civilization using their brawn and scientific intelligence.

2 Paprika delves into the surreal science of dreams

Anime Paprika Surreal Parade

The 2006 movie Paprika, directed by Satoshi Kon and adapted from the novel by Yasutaka Tsutsui, delves into the science of dreams. A device called DC Mini was originally intended to allow people to see the dreams of whoever wears it.

However, the technology is stolen and exploited. People’s dreams are invaded and drive the wearers of the DC Mini crazy. Paprika is a beautiful, surreal and thrilling exploration of dreams, psychology and chaos.

1 Steins;Gate explores the science of time travel

Rintaro and his friends meet at Ikebukuro in Steins Gate

Self-proclaimed mad scientist Rintaro Okabe is the eccentric protagonist of Steins;Door. He frequently indulges in crazy experiments that he conducts with his friend Daru.

When he stumbles upon the ability to send messages to the past, he realizes he’s onto something. Steins;Door, adapted from a visual novel, explores the theories of time travel and its implications. Steins;Doorthe tone oscillates between serious and lightness, with a lot of quirky humor. Although it’s a slow burner, it’s definitely worth watching.

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