10 horror animes that are more psychological than visual

The animation industry has made giant strides over the past few decades, and there are some particularly challenging and exciting challenges. anime content currently in production. Anime can often seem limitless in scope and subject matter due to the wide range of genres that exist in the medium that make all variety of stories seem possible.

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This fearlessness and freedom can strike even harder when it comes to various horror anime series who are there. There is no shortage of horror animes that bombard audiences with intense violence and excessive blood and gore, but there is also a special breed of animated horror that excel with psychological terrors.

ten Paranoia Agent Unveils Horrors Of Rumors And Poisoned Perception

Satoshi Kon is a true visionary in the anime business, and his cinematic endeavors as Perfect blue and Paprika are still presented as triumphs of animation and psychological horror. Paranoia Agent Mark Kon extending his uncomfortable subject matter through a serialized TV show that explores a mysterious and dangerous predator. Paranoia Agent craft one scary enemy with Lil ‘Slugger, but the show really excels in how it breaks down a tragedy through so many different perspectives, as an in-depth commentary on the crowd mentality and how rumors can hurt people in very real ways.

9 Serial Experiments Lain Examines Identity Through Technology and Avatars

Released 1998, Lain series experiments is incredibly prescient for his time with the themes he explores in relation to the Internet and the dissonance that exists between the public image behind which individuals hide and who they really are. Lain Iwakura is drawn into a tech-centric mystery where she increasingly loses track of who she is and whether she is more real online or in reality. Over 13 episodes, Lain series experiments engages in very complex discussions this may force the audience to watch the series several times to fully understand its message.

8 Terror In Resonance elegantly portrays the desperation surrounding an attacked nation

9 and 12 as Sphinx of Terror in Resonance

Shinichiro Watanabe is a revered name in the anime industry, yet Terror in resonance marks some of his more sober and nihilistic subjects. The tight-paced 11-episode series chronicles a city trapped in fear of a series of unpredictable terrorist attacks.

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A captivating cat and mouse game takes place where no one feels safe and fear is constantly present. Terror in resonance tries to put the audience in the minds of its twisted antagonists and outdated heroes. The art style is more subdued in a way that accentuates the dark nature of this world, but the subject never disappoints.

7 Monster reinvents Frankenstein’s monster story through guilt and remorse

There have been countless revisions to the classic Mary Shelley myth of Frankenstein’s Monster, but the anime Monster casts the story in a very creative new light. The series is about a doctor who regrets the operation he performs on a real monster, and the doctor’s eventful past catches up with him at the worst possible time. Monster is 74 episodes, which offers plenty of opportunities to fully explore themes such as regret, redemption, and status. Monster is full of turns and Dr. Tenma’s life just collapses when it seems like he’s finally got everything under control.

6 Death Parade maturely analyzes the cost of loss and what happens in a lifetime

Anime Death Parade Darts Death Game Worried

Death parade is such an odd collection of sensibilities that would falter completely under a less competent team. The dark series ostensibly functions as a sort of anthology series where each episode pits two lost souls competing for some mundane recreational activity. It is fascinating to see how darts, billiards or air hockey can work as vectors of emotional catharsis and gripping character studies. Death parade represents desperate individuals who are at their wit’s end, but it also leans towards the psychological over the free when it comes to its horror.

5 Boogiepop Phantom Breaks Down Pain In A Powerful Way

Anime Boogiepop Phantom Victim

Boogiepop Ghost is another intense animated series that may seem simple at first glance, but it brings together many different genres and storytelling structures in impressive ways. Various Boogiepop Ghost entities exist, but 2019 version of the series is an effective and stimulating reintroduction into his world.

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The series follows a group of individuals who are all united by trauma, with the titular figure of Boogiepop being a unique agent of change. The series weaves a gripping mystery, but the way it explores shared trauma and the different ways people deal with pain is handled so well.

4 Happy Sugar Life puts audiences in the mind of a terrifying sociopath

Matsuzaka murderous eye of Happy Sugar Life Matsuzaka a little crazy in Happy Sugar Life

Good sugar life is a real test of endurance coming up as a cute and friendly series about female friendship where adorable visuals abound. In fact, this childish veneer is just a subterfuge for the dark subject matter that drives the series forward. Sato becomes so obsessed with the purity that surrounds young Shio that she kidnaps her and fabricates a playful life that she sees as Shio’s salvation. Good sugar life is extremely disturbing, especially with the use of its unreliable narrator and the mental gymnastics it forces audiences to do.

3 Another tries to solve a generational mystery with frightening consequences

Another is a 12-episode psychological horror series that immediately immerses audiences in an infinitely frightening premise. Kouichi Sakakibara is a transfer student to a new college, who has experienced terrible tragedies and still carries an overwhelming curse. Kouichi quickly bonds with Mei, a disarming girl with a deep connection to the school’s sordid past. Another There’s no shortage of death and disturbing revelations, but it hits harder each time Kouichi and Mei delve deeper into the evil forces responsible for this curse. It throws humanity in a scathing light.

2 So Spoke Kishibe Rohan discovers a stranger corner of the JoJo universe

So JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Talked About The Rohan Kishibe OVA Treadmill

JoJo’s bizarre adventure continues to be one of the most famous ongoing series in the genre, but there’s also a weird spinoff series, Thus spoke Kishibe Rohan, which embraces horror sensibilities more than action and shonen tropes. So spoke Kishibe Rohan focuses on the disgruntled and selfish manga artist of The diamond is unbreakable, Rohan Kishibe. Rohan’s efforts to play detective culminate in supernatural mysteries that approach a territory dark enough for him. Jojo universe. The spin-off understands that the powerful Stands that fill up JoJo’s bizarre adventure are a suitable nightmare fuel.

1 The Laughing Salesman teases humanity with impossible progress

Anime Laughing Salesman New Haunting Face

The Laughing Seller is one of the most disorienting animated anthology series because of how he frequently diminishes the nature of his horror, only for him to slip into the final minutes of the episode before it’s too late. The Laughing Seller Constantly deconstructs the idea of ​​”be careful what you wish,” as the series’ titular Agent of Chaos offers overwhelmed individuals a chance to simplify their lives. The Laughing Seller is back with a modern take on it, but both versions of the series function as superb character studies where Lost Souls often turn out to be their own worst enemy.

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