10 Most Disturbing Psychological Thrillers, According To Reddit

With the release of don’t worry darlinga psychological thriller that stars Florence Pugh and Harry Styles as a couple in a chilling 1950s utopia, Olivia Wilde assures that a genre that has impressed and disturbed fans for almost as long as cinema has existed continues to thrive.

If the film really hopes to shock fans, it will have a challenge, as psychological thrillers such as Old boy, nocturnal animals and Thesilenceofthelambs have already provided some truly unforgettable and sickening moments that are hard to top. Reddit users have named these and other films among the best disturbing psychological thrillers.


Nocturnal Animals (2016)

Starring Amy Adams as an art gallery owner and Jake Gyllenhaal as her ex-husband whose new romance seems to fit their past relationship, nocturnal animals is a source of unforgettable performances from incredible actors. It’s the violent way the plot of the novel unfolds that has bothered some fans.

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Redditor JohnnyJayce described how the film achieves this, calling it “the most suspenseful film I’ve seen” and pointing to a 20-minute stretch of pure horror and suspense. Tom Ford expertly keeps the viewer waiting in trepidation to hammer home the conclusion in blunt fashion.

Prisoners (2003)

In recent years, Denis Villeneuve has built a reputation for epic sci-fi films like Arrival, Blade Runner 2049and dune but not so long ago, thrillers were the canadian director’s forte. Starring Hugh Jackman as the father of a kidnapped girl now determined to go as far as possible to bring her back, the film explores dark themes.

Redditor NETic points to the disturbing nature of the film, saying they “saw it once a few years ago, and it still haunts me.” Asking the question of how far a person would go to protect someone they love, this is a film that leaves viewers speechless as it delivers its devastating twists.

The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

It’s no surprise that the film that established Dr. Hannibal Lecter as one of the most terrifying serial killers to ever appear in film and television isn’t an easy watch for the faint-hearted. He’s just one of the characters in a must-see movie that represents the darker side of humanity as he follows an FBI agent trying to bring down another sadistic killer.

Redditor A_Song_of_Two_Humans sums up the film as one that “stays with you forever”. With Jodie Foster’s FBI intern as the protagonist, the viewer has a relatively naive perspective to follow while being exposed to some of the most heinous crimes humans are capable of and that only adds to the disturbing impact. .

The Servant (2016)

From the director behind Old boy and this year Decision to leaveit is not surprising that The servant is another movie that sees characters put in brutal situations. In the film, a new maid begins working for a wealthy Japanese heiress as part of a plot to seduce her and rob her of her fortune.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Park Chan-wook movie if things were so simple and the movie turned into a dark, erotic character study full of twists and turns. As for Redditor Three_Froggy_Problem, it’s “an amazing movie” that has “some really heartbreaking stuff.”

Jacob’s Ladder (1990)

The title of a movie that came up countless times in Reddit’s discussions of the greatest psychological thrillers, as well as the most disturbing, was Jacob’s ladder. Although it didn’t perform well upon release, the film’s mysterious nature as well as the twisted hallucinations of its central character earned it a cult following.

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Although it’s primarily a horror movie, it’s a movie with more than enough excitement and suspense to keep thriller fans invested and that’s probably part of the reason why. Redditor terrible_punchline got as much support for simply saying “Jacob’s Ladder” as their suggestion. Also exploring the impact of war and human experimentation, it’s an impact that few observers are quick to forget.

Old Boy (2003)

More than a decade before The servant, Park Chan-wook had previously directed a film considered by many to be one of the best South Korean films of all time and this film is a psychological thriller with a nauseating twist. Title Old boythe film begins with a man kidnapped and isolated from society for 15 years.

Without knowing who is responsible or why, he is suddenly released and forced to piece together what happened. Sadly, that’s only the beginning as it sets up a truly shocking ending that left fans, including Redditor Timothy_Ryan, with “a feeling of dread for days after the ending.”

Perfect Blue (1997)

There’s a reason why the psychological thriller perfect blue is ranked as the best animated film of the 1990s on Letterboxd and that’s because hardly any film since has captured the same emotional intensity as Satoshi Kon’s masterpiece. The story of a former idol who begins to lose his footing in reality following increasingly terrifying events, it’s a movie that’s hard to forget.

Redditor altera_goodciv is convinced that the reason why perfect blue is so disturbing is that it is “an incredibly intense film”. Throughout its runtime, the film doesn’t let go of its dark visions that blur the line between what’s real and what’s not, something that still resonates with fans.

Fragility (2001)

While Bill Paxton’s Father Meiks may not make it on the list of cinema’s most iconic serial killers, it was still a performance memorable enough to have made Fragility Stand out from Redditors like DownTrunk. They call Fragility “one of the films that I always try to get people to experience” because it offers a depth and complexity that only makes its violence more impactful.

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In particular, the scenes of the character committing murder in front of his two young sons shocked audiences when the film was released, but have even darker implications as the plot continues. Ultimately, he uses his shock factor to enhance an interesting story, which helps make it so highly rated.

The Game (1997)

David Fincher’s next project after Sevenwhich is a disturbing film in its own way, The game may have been less popular than its predecessor, but that certainly didn’t stop it from having an equally big impact on those who saw it. The film stars Michael Douglas as a man initiated into a mysterious game that quickly takes over his life.

As the secrets surrounding the game are slowly revealed, the film becomes more and more shocking with every twist. That’s why Redditor DeadBodyCupboards, who consider it a “pretty good” movie, points out that “it’s better if you don’t read much first” because the surprise value is really what allows the movie to release his disturbing nature.

The Invitation (2016)

Not to be confused with the upcoming horror film of the same name, The invite is a daring blend of horror and thriller that’s a masterclass in how to scare audiences and leave them spellbound. Although it starts off slow, with the central character invited to an incredibly awkward dinner party, it’s a gripping film from start to finish.

Even before anything truly awful happens and the intricate relationships between the characters are established, The invite manages to be, in the words of Redditor oCHIKAGEo, “one of the most unsettling movies I’ve ever seen.” In the end, it becomes a gruesome affair that few viewers will quickly forget.

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