100 students, 100% of whom apply for 20 places at the DU college; 99 from Kerala

Of the ten programs offered by the University of Delhi, the BA (Hons) in Political Science is the one that requires a 100 percent cut-off for unreserved places.

Delhi University received over 30,000 applications on the first day of admissions opening. Photo file.

Hindu College received more than a hundred applications for its Honors BA in Political Science on Monday, October 5 at 5 p.m. All applicants have a score of 100 percent, and all but one are from Kerala.

The college has a total of 20 places in the first year in this course, and the University of Delhi, which began admissions on Monday, cannot under the rules refuse the application of students who meet this criterion. exclusion.

On the first day of accepting applications, the DU approved over 2,200 applications. A large number of candidates who obtained one percent came from the Kerala State Board. Of the ten programs offered by the DU, the BA (Hons) in Political Science is the one that requires a 100 percent cut-off for unreserved places.


A faculty in the political science department said it received applications from 33 unqualified applicants, 62 OBCs, 4 SCs and 3 EWSs. The nominations are “either in the process of being approved or in the process of being approved,” the faculty member said.

The official added, “Because all of these students meet the general threshold, they will all be considered general admissions and the number of places reserved will need to be increased proportionately. The problem of our institutions and classrooms being stretched beyond their capacity, with skewed student-teacher ratios, will continue. “

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Miranda House does not require a 100 percent cut for any program, the highest it gets is a 99.75 percent cut in political science. Director Bijayalaxmi Nanda said that the political science program received 20 applications which got 100% perfect score and again came from the Kerala board.

Meanwhile, SGTB Khalsa College has not received any applications for its BCom program, which also has a 100% high selection criteria for its first list. Director Jaswinder Singh said: “The cut will go down a bit in the next list.” The college approved 60 of the 110 applications received on day one.

Ramjas College also has a general threshold of 100% for the first list of BA political science (Hons) and BSc physics (Hons) courses. They have approved 50 admissions to date, 90 percent of which are in reserved categories.

The admissions process which started yesterday was put on hold for a few hours as some state boards included both grades 11 and 12 in the scoring sheets. Later it was decided to consider only class 12 marks. Of the 30,554 requests received by the DU, 2,286 of them were approved and 795 paid their fees by 7pm yesterday.

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