2022-23 Miller Scholarship Recipients Announced at 4th Annual Provost Summit – St. Cloud State TODAY

Dr. Odessa Luna and Dr. Michele Traub are the recipients of the 2022-23 Miller Scholar Award, announced Tuesday at the fourth annual Provost Summit at St. Cloud State University.

Luna and Traub accepted the award for their project proposal “Teaching Ethical, Professional, and Culturally Humble Behavior through Situational Role Play and Feedback.” The project aims to design role play scenarios for two courses to integrate ethical and professional skills into routine clinical interactions. The project includes experiential learning where students react to created scenarios that teach them situational awareness, cultural humility, problem solving and professional behavior by encountering unexpected situations they may encounter in actual clinical practice.

The Miller Scholar Award is presented annually to a faculty member or team of faculty from St. Cloud State through the generous donation of the Miller family. There is a history of Miller Scholars working across disciplines to enrich the St. Cloud State community for teaching and learning.

Luna and Traub previously worked together to launch the Husky Campus Autism Clinic where they provide student training in a clinical setting.

Michelle TraubLuna is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Community Psychology, Counseling and Family Therapy and teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Applied Behavior Analysis. She has worked and conducted research in a variety of settings with vulnerable populations, including public schools, a university clinic, foster homes, an inpatient psychiatric hospital, and a residential treatment facility for minors.

Odessa Luna

Odessa Luna

Traub is an Associate Professor of Behavior Analysis in the Department of Community Psychology, Counseling, and Family Therapy, teaching undergraduate and undergraduate courses. She sits on the university’s Institutional Review Board and is a member of the department’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee. She is currently involved in research on best practices in training and supervision, behavioral medicine, and bilingual education for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Her research interests include behavioral assessment, school counseling, cultural sensitivity in the practice of behavior analysis, and the application of behavioral principles to issues of social justice and equity.

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