37 Of The Funniest New Posts From The Wholesome Boomer Content Group That Are Pure Riot

Dr. Tang explained that “in addition to efficiency, however, you have the problem that text-based speech and Facebook friends give the illusion of connection and camaraderie that doesn’t exist IRL (in real life) – and while it may sound like Gen X are ‘ongoing’ on how millennials should dispose of their devices, the quality of the relationships Gen X have may be much deeper – and something millennials can learn.

When it comes to the generation war, older generations are sometimes even accused of “stealing” the future of young people. Dr Tang told us that’s “a very harsh way to put it, BUT saying that, there are so many instances on a social platform where advice, for example, gets in the way of progress without doubt because they don’t have the vision of the proponents of change; and of course if we’re talking about climate change – yes, there may be an element of selfishness, because a Gen X parent may say – eh well, that won’t happen in my lifetime.

However, she added that at the same time, “baby boomers and some Gen X parents are the ones who fold a piece of toilet paper and store things in tupperware to ration and avoid waste, just in case. …and they may well despair of disposable culture.

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