A clinical psychologist weighs in on a video showing mothers stealing children from a Northside restaurant

JACKSONVILLE, Florida. – A clinical psychologist responds to a video that shows a mother and her children stealing from a Northside Seafood store while an employee has his back turned.

Since News4JAX aired the video on Monday night, hundreds of people have posted comments on our Facebook page worried about what could happen to the children.

The News4JAX psychologist he spoke to said teaching children to commit crimes like theft at an early age is harmful because these children will develop the mindset that everything is fine.

“It’s shocking and it makes me very uncomfortable to see this,” said Dr Justin D’Arienzo.

A disturbing scene at a Northside seafood shop where a mother and her children are accused of theft while an employee turns his back on her.

D’Arienzo is referring to surveillance video that shows a mother and her children trashing a refrigerator inside JJ’s Crab House and stealing bottled drinks when an employee turns their back on her and walks into the kitchen. Dr. D’Arienzo describes this as generational criminal behavior.

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“Most of us come into this world where we could either have perfect cash register honesty or become a social lane where we don’t know any rules. So our parents guide us to place us somewhere in this spectrum and these poor kids are going to be further down that spectrum where they think it’s all there and there’s no guilt,” D’Arienzo said.

The doctor said what stood out the most was the smallest child in this video.

“There was this little baby almost trying to figure out what to do and even walking towards the glass,” he said.

Dr. D’Arienzo said one of the main jobs of a parent is to teach their child right from wrong and teach them good behavior.

“Teaching children at an early age to engage in criminal behavior is absolutely detrimental to children because they will always justify it,” he said.

D’Arienzo said he was not surprised that so many people took to Facebook to post their concerns about the behavior, as he said the video was really upsetting when you know the context of what was happening. .

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