A Parenting Psychologist Shares Five Simple Steps Parents Should Take for Their Family’s Mental Health

Renowned Parent Psychologist, Reena B. Patel is passionate about educating parents on the simple steps that can be taken to relieve some of that stress or anxiety. In fact, she says it’s about parenting differently in 2022.

Reena has five simple steps parents should take for their family’s mental health and to have a happier family life as parents continue to navigate this ongoing pandemic.

Here they are:

  1. Be more flexible; Create an atmosphere of flexibility. Ex: creating situations like a “fire drill” – Stop, drop and change what you are doing helps teach children to be resilient when it comes to change. .
  2. Don’t overwhelm yourself or your children; Keep your days simple. Do one thing a day. Create a to-do and to-do list.
  3. Teaching gratitude at any age: Start a gratitude game! – create a concrete happiness list – use the words I see, hear, feel when you make the list with the kids. Ex: I see the beautiful blue sky today and it makes me smile.
  4. Relying on social media to gather information. Active versus passive screen time!
  5. Mom and Dad Divide and Conquer: Know your role and delegate as needed – it’s okay for dad to do things differently than mom as long as you’re consistent.

Reena joined ‘the four’ LIVE to chat. Watch the interview above.

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