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Aaftab Poonawala – suspected of killing his partner Shraddha Walker and cutting his body into 35 pieces before dumping them across Delhi – could undergo a narcotics analysis or polygraph test, sources said on Wednesday, adding that a court had granted permission. The tests were ordered after police found several discrepancies in Poonawala’s statements.

In a most gruesome and horrific crime, 26-year-old Walkar was murdered in May at her home in the Chattarpur area of ​​the nation’s capital. She was strangled, her body sliced ​​and stored in a refrigerator while the accused – Poonawala – methodically dumped pieces across the city.

The police – alerted to the murder after Walkar’s father made a missing person complaint – also plan for a psychological evaluation of Poonawala as the cold-blooded nature of the crime is revealed; he allegedly Googled advice on disposing of corpses and cleaning up bloodstains and exploited her social media accounts to make it look like she was alive.

A senior Delhi police officer told ANI that the tests could reveal whether Aaftab – who authorities say sought to confuse them with misleading statements – is telling the truth and also helps to understand his mental state. The police also want more information about her relationship with Walkar.

Earlier today, police reportedly found traces of blood in the kitchen of the two-bedroom apartment Walkar shared with Poonawala. Samples have been sent for DNA testing.

On Tuesday they were led by Poonawala to 13 suspected human remains in a wooded area of ​​Mehrauli in Delhi – one of the sites where pieces of Walkar’s body were dumped.

These too were sent for medical examination.

Shraddha Walkar’s head and murder weapon have yet to be found.

Walkar and Poonawala met on a dating app three years ago and moved to Delhi in February.

Poonawala told police he planned to assassinate her at least a week before doing so, but postponed the murder because she was “emotional”. Police are investigating the possibility that he killed her because he wanted a relationship with another woman he met online.

Walkar’s father called for the death penalty for Poonawala.

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