AFCAT Result 2022: Here’s How to Start Preparing for AFSB Post-Results Processes

The Air Force Common Admission Test 2022 (AFCAT) was conducted online on February 12, 13 and 14, 2022, in CBT mode at various centers in India. After the exam, unofficial AFCAT corrections have been released by various institutions.

This exam is conducted by the Indian Air Force (IAF), for ground service and flight branch recruitment. the AFCAT results are expected to be announced in March 2022. The governing body has yet to announce the exact date for the declaration of the results. Those who qualify for the AFCAT test will need to register for the following five-day AFSB process.

The Air Force Selection Board (AFSB) test is the second step in the testing process. Qualified candidates will be issued an appeal letter to stand for one of the selection committees – Dehradun (1 AFSB), Mysuru (2 AFSB), Gandhinagar (3 AFSB), Varanasi (4 AFSB) and Guwahati (5 AFSB) .

In accordance with the official notification of AFCAT 2022, qualified candidates must choose the date and place of the AFSB themselves on the official website – — generate Appeal letter/AFCAT admission card for the AFSB interview.

Fitness for the AFSB

Candidates must be able to run 1.6 km in 10 minutes and do 10 push-ups, as well as three pull-ups.

The AFSB testing process consists of two steps:

Stage 1 tests:

(I) Officer Intelligence Assessment Test (OIR)

The OIR test tests a candidate’s verbal and non-verbal reasoning, to assess the candidate’s intelligence and competence.

– Solve mock tests consisting of 40-50 questions in a time frame of 17-20 minutes.
– Cover questions of integrated figure, series completion, odd figure and other reasoning topics.
– Since there is no negative grading, try the maximum number of questions.
– Candidates should not spend too much time on questions they are unsure of or do not understand.

(ii) Image perception and discussion test

In this test, candidates must visualize an image for 30 seconds, write down the details inferred from it within one minute, and write a story about their perception within four minutes. Afterwards, the candidates must discuss it as a group to tell and form a common story.

– Since the test assesses candidates’ speed and coordination, be sure to focus on every aspect of the picture in 30 seconds.
– Do not focus on technical and complex language. Instead, be specific and brief, covering everything you remember when writing the story.
– When recording details, use short forms like M/F/P (man/woman/person); +/-/0 (positive/negative/neutral mood/expression).
– Since several candidates start speaking simultaneously, remember to stay calm, confident and make sure you are heard.

Stage 2 tests:

(I) Psychological tests

As per the notification, the AFSB will conduct the psychological test of all applicants to ensure strong medical and mental perception abilities. The test will take place on the first day in the afternoon and will be followed by a document check. Thereafter, group testing and the series of interviews would begin and continue for a period of five days.

(ii) Collective tests and interview

– The candidate must know why he applied to the AFCAT and what interests him in the Indian Air Force.
– Be aware of news and historical landmarks related to Indian Air Force.
– Feel free to answer the interview questions and be honest in case you don’t know the answer.
– Practice your interview techniques using the questions posed above.

(iii) Computerized pilot selection system (SCSP)

This is for candidates who have applied for the flying branch.

– Be quick and listen carefully, as the candidate will receive MCQs.
– Practice MCQ examples on relevant topics with a timer.
– Attend an eight-hour sleep to pass the test well.
– Familiarize yourself with the use of a joystick and the basics of computer games, as this can help improve maneuvering skills.

Candidates who qualify for both stages of the test will be sent for a medical examination. Based on vacancies available in all branches and performance in all tests, All India Merit List will be generated. Candidates can access the results from the AFCAT candidate login portal.

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