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Students begin with a survey, review the initial scholarship, then develop a literature review and conduct their own research through surveys and studies before writing a 4,000-5,000 word research paper and make an oral presentation.

A student in Kelsey Sejkora’s class in Southeast, who works with McEntarffer, even explores serial killers.

“It’s really based on the passion and interest of the students,” she said. “On the teacher’s side, it’s really about guiding the students. Everything is student-led, which is different from an English class, where you read a short story together and analyze it together, then write a paragraph or an article. “

Diverse recruitment, teacher burnout among challenges facing next LPS superintendent, community members say

Zein Saleh, senior at North Star, studies the impact of teachers of color AP on enrollment in differentiated classes. McEntarffer’s work in the evaluation office was particularly useful for data collection.

“I think given his experience he’s been a really good fit at North Star,” Saleh said.

And McEntarffer is happy to be there too. Yes, teaching is hard work, but it is rewarding at the end of the day.

“I’m glad I stepped back into the boiling water,” he said. “I hope I can continue to teach.”

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