Coming Soon A Course On The Indian Knowledge System In Engineering Schools | India News

NEW DELHI: Engineering institutes will soon introduce an elective credit course on the Indian knowledge system with the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) commissioning a textbook to be prepared by a faculty member of the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. The Ministry of Education is also setting up a portal where scientifically verified content on India’s knowledge system will be made available. The validation and development of the content of the portal has been entrusted to the faculties of the Indian institutes of technology in Kharagpur and Indore.
Speaking exclusively to TOI, Anil Sahasrabudhe, President of AICTE, said that once the manual is available around December, institutions could use it to offer the Indian knowledge system as an elective subject for its engineering programs. .
“It was there for universities and colleges that wanted to offer, but as an uncredited course. We will gradually make it an elective credit course. Manuals are not available. So we are writing a book on Indian knowledge system through a faculty of IIM in Bangalore, Professor B Mahadevan, ”he said.
According to a senior official of the Ministry of Education, once the credit transfer system between higher education institutions is fully functional as well as the academic credit bank, “other institutions, if they wish, may offer this elective course in non-engineering programs as well.
“When we allow psychology and economics, why not the Indian knowledge system as a credit course? The book is being prepared and should be released next month, ”Sahasrabudhe said. The Indian Knowledge System portal is in its infancy and when ready the content will be ready-made material for institutions.
The Chief of AICTE said: “We are also launching a process to validate the claims on the Indian knowledge system and put them on a portal. Research and can lead to the creation of things useful to mankind.

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