Criminal psychologist detained for allegedly luring women into marriage fraud

The Mumbai Police Cyber ​​Wing has arrested a 40-year-old criminal psychologist for allegedly luring women into marriage fraud.

The accused, Satish Burud, who later changed his name to Yuvaraj Bhosale, set up victims after claiming to be a wealthy businessman. A serial offender, he has deceived more than 20 women with the same modus operandi since 2013, police sources said.

Interestingly, Bhosale holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in criminal psychology. He pursued law but resigned after two years. He also runs a production house, police said.

It is alleged that the accused had paid accounts on at least three different marriage sites and on some employment portals. He would go after divorced women looking for a partner because they are under pressure from society to remarry. That would make them easy choices.

In August, he promised marriage to a divorcee working for a multinational and also met his family. Soon he started demanding money and also got an iPhone from her.

“When I ran out of money, he made me mortgage my gold ornaments, so I could give him money. He also made me get a loan for his own use, “said a 30-year-old victim on condition of anonymity.

He came up with other ingenious excuses and also took the money citing an income tax raid. In the past four months, he had collected over Rs 20 lakh from the woman.

“He used to speak quietly and have me participate in certain tasks, so that I didn’t talk to anyone. When the police called me on Friday and told me Bhosale was a fraud, I wasn’t ready to believe them, until they made a video call saying he’s in their custody ” , added the victim.

Earlier he had cheated on a woman in South Mumbai for Rs 51 lakh by promising her a job. He threatened to disseminate certain images on social networks and extorted a car which is now in the possession of the police.

“Later the accused changed his identity and now he no longer resided in Pune. Nevertheless, our team managed to find him. So far, we have identified at least 10 women who had been deceived using a similar procedure. Seven of them were promised marriage while the rest were tempted by a job offer. The number of women targeted could be much higher and we urge victims to come forward and complain, ”said Rashmi Karandikar, Cyber ​​Department of DCP.

The accused has at least 10 cases registered against him in Mumbai, Thane and Pune. To avoid being caught, he would switch from Satish Burud to Yuvaraj Bhosale. He would also operate under the names Rajbir Bhosale and Virendra Sinha.

Posted on: Saturday December 04, 2021 11:45 PM IST

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