Cristiano Ronaldo slammed for meeting controversial psychologist Jordan Peterson

Cristiano Ronaldo is facing huge online anger for posing with controversial Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson and calling him a ‘friend’. In the photo, posted on Instagram a few days ago, Ronaldo called Peterson his good friend and vowed to see him again. Peterson replied, “Rarely have I met anyone who more clearly deserved what he won. Delighted to meet you.

The Canadian was employed at the University of Toronto as Emeritus Professor of Psychology until last year before stepping down from his post. He is now a full-time podcaster and lectures around the world.

Peterson has become a prominent figure in the alt-right movement, and his authoritative answers on a wide range of topics he knows little about have made him the Internet’s most hated public intellectual.

Peterson vehemently denies the climate crisis, rejects the gender pay gap and calls feminism “an unconscious wish for brutal male dominance”. He also discussed at length the crisis of masculinity and mocked people for mental health issues.

He has made a career out of rallying with Marxists, human rights groups, feminists, mental health advocates and, most recently, vaccination mandates imposed by Justin Trudeau’s government.

Ronaldo is being criticized for promoting hateful figures like Peterson to his millions of followers. One fan wrote: “It’s really disturbing to see Ronaldo posing with Jordan Peterson and calling him ‘my friend’. I’m shocked and losing all respect for Ronaldo.”

Another joked: “The very concept of a conversation between Cristiano Ronaldo and Jordan Peterson is staggering, Ol’ Ronnie continues to turn his son into a psycho and Jordan is crying his heart out at the beauty of it all.”

Ronaldo, meanwhile, started his first game of the season last week in the Europa League clash against Real Sociedad. He has yet to start the Premier League game as new manager Erik ten Haag has moved forward with Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Antony Martial.

According to recent reports, Ronaldo plans to leave Manchester United during the January transfer window. He tried hard to force an exit but could not find buyers of his choice.

Main image: Premier League/Twitter

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