Dr Dominic Bucciarelli Kasony’s new book “Autism: A Practical Guide for Parents” is an excellent source of information for parents of a child with autism.


PORT CHARLOTTE, Florida (PRWEB) December 29, 2021

Dr. Dominic Bucciarelli Kasony, a member of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association, a licensed professional counselor, a certified psychologist who performs psychological testing and counseling services for children with childhood disorders; completed their new book “Autism: A Practical Guide for Parents”: an educational self-help book for families with a child labeled autistic. It features information on what to expect when living with a child with ASD and tips on how to deal with communication issues and behavioral challenges that arise along the way. The author has designed this to be understandable read for parents and professionals alike in the hopes of safely guiding these unique children to reach their full potential.

Dr Kasony shares, “Autism: A Practical Guide for Parents was written from the perspective of a father of (now adult) disabled children who is also a licensed and certified psychologist and counselor. When parents are faced with serious medical problems with their children, they become very gullible in the face of exaggerated and unethical claims from health care providers. The book contains substantial information on behavioral interventions to help solve behavioral problems in children with autism, including an extensive reading list to help supplement parent knowledge and interventions. In addition, a section is devoted to various (and sometimes mistaken) interventions including chelation, transcranial magnetic therapy, light therapy and others. A research section is included to emphasize the importance of psychometric testing and examination for the development of a reliable and valid vehicle test assessment.

A psychological approach to understanding autism begins with a specific perspective of this challenge. First of all, children are children, including children with autism. Second, you need to be aware of a wide range of autism symptoms including behavioral, medical, speech and language, and physical. In addition, you should join a behavioral health team, including a psychologist, behavior specialist, therapy support staff, and / or mobile therapist through your local managed care organization. Remember that you can make positive changes in your child’s behavior and emotional health to help them lead happy, healthy, and productive lives.


I have organized this book to be easy to read for parents and professionals. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to read the abstract details of existential phenomenology, but instead let me help you understand the details of autistic behavior from a psychologist and father’s perspective. I hope I have succeeded in this task! “

published by Publishing Pages, Dr. Dominic Bucciarelli Kasony’s informative opus aimed at helping children on the spectrum live fulfilling lives. He also explains the reasons that make these children unique in their own way.

This volume is written from the empathetic perspective of a father and child psychologist to spread hope and positivity. He aspires that through this work readers will acquire a fair and balanced approach to ASD.

Readers who wish to experience this meaningful work can purchase “Autism: A Practical Guide for Parents” in bookstores around the world, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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