DU 2021 Cut List: Arts, Business and Science Cut List for Top Delhi University Colleges – What to Expect

DU Cut off List 2021 for Science, Business, Arts & nbsp | Photo credit: iStock images


  • The University of Delhi, DU, is reportedly releasing its first cut list today, October 1, for admission to UG merit-based courses.
  • Different colleges offer different programs in Arts, Commerce and Sciences.
  • DU 1st Cut off List 2021 for arts, sciences and commerce is expected to be at the same level this year or even higher than 2020.

The University of Delhi, DU, would release the DU 2021 cutoff lists from today. As per the schedule, colleges would release the first cut-off list for DU 2021 today, October 1, 2021. A total of 5 cut-off lists are expected to be released by the university, based on vacancies and individual colleges. As the cut-off lists are released and the admissions process begins, here’s a look at the cut-off trends for Arts, Business, and Science courses offered by Top Delhi University Colleges. Below is the past year and what to expect this year.

The DU 2021 cut-off list is expected to show relatively high cut-offs this year. While the numbers are likely to be similar to 2020, reports suggest the threshold for top courses at top colleges should reach 100%. This is due to the record percentages in this year’s Class 12 Council exams. Students should note that not all colleges publish the 5 or more cut-off lists. Some colleges tend to stop their lists after 2 or 3 courses for a few courses.

Commerce Cut off includes the B.Com Hons and B.Com Program courses offered by the various colleges of the university. Apart from this, economics (Hons) is also considered a trade program. However, the degree offered is a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Arts degree, as commerce is not required to apply for admission to the course. The cut to the economy, therefore, is listed with the arts. With regard to the sciences, the B.Sc courses – specializations and the program constitute the scientific strand. The BA program and honors courses, for that matter, include the widest range of subjects offered by the university. Read also | DU 2021 Live Cut List: First Delhi University Cut List Released Today for Hindu Colleges, Hansraj, SRCC, LSR and Others, Check Full Lists

DU Cut off List 2021 Arts, BA

Political Science, Economics, and Psychology are the top courses at Delhi University and the threshold in 2020 had reached 100% – 99.25% for top colleges. The lowest in arts classes was for BA (Hons) Sanskrit at around 70% – 50% at top colleges and BA Hindi (Hons) with a cutoff for best college at 91% – 82%. Check out the range of 1st pick list of the best colleges for arts or bachelor’s degree courses in 2020. They should be similar, if not more, for this year as well.

Course name Hindu LSR SRCC Miranda House Hans Raj College
BA (Hons.) Economics 99.25 100 99 98.75 98.75
BA (Hons.) English 98.5 99 99 98
BA (Hons.) Psychology 100
BA (Hons.) Journalism 99.5
BA (Hons.) Hindi 92 91 92 90
BA (Hons.) History 98.75 99.5 98.75 97.5
BA (H) Philosophy 97 98 97 96.5
BA (Hons.) Political Science 99.5 100 99
BA (H) Sanskri 78.5 70 75 72
BA (H) Sociology 98.75 99.25 98.5
BA program (history + political science) 98.75 99 98.75 96.75
BA (H) Geography 98.5

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DU Cut off List 2021 Commerce / B.Com

The first cut-off list for commerce doesn’t vary much between the top colleges. SRCC as well as most of the best North Campus colleges for business do not offer B.Com courses. B.Com Hons. The threshold ranged from 99.75% to 98%. Check out the limit for business courses in 2020.

University B.Com with distinction B.Com
LSR 99.75
Gargi College 97 96
Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College 97
Hindu college 99.25
ARSD 98 96
Sri Venketeswara College 98 97
SRCC 99.5
Hans Raj College 99.25

DU 2021 Science / B.Sc cut list

Scientific thresholds have a wide range. B.Sc Mathematics (H) and B.Sc. Physics (H) with B.Sc. Statistics are among the top choices for science courses at Delhi University. The threshold in 2020 ranged from 99% to 96.75% for Hindu and Hansraj colleges respectively. Here’s a quick look at 1st cutoff list 2020 for some of the best science courses at top DU colleges.

B.Sc. (Hons.) Mathematics B.Sc. (Hons.) Physics B.Sc. (Hons.) Zoology B.Sc (Hons) Chemistry B.Sc. Computer Science B.Sc. (Hons.) Botany
LSR 97.25
Gargi College 96.50 96.33 94.66 96.00 93.00
Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College 97.00 97.00 94.00 95.00 96.00 92.00
Hindu college 99.00 99.33 97.33 98.33 97.00
ARSD 96.00 96.00 95.00 96.00
Sri Venketeswara College 97.00 97.66 95.66 96.66 95.00
Miranda House 98.75 98 97.67 97.33 97
Hans Raj College 96.75 98.33 96.66 97 97.25 95

Please note that the shared threshold above is for General Category applicants. The thresholds for the other categories are therefore lower or equal for the respective route. A decrease of about 2% to 6% in various courses was observed in various categories. Times Now wishes all students the best!

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