Dwyane Wade pays tribute to Gabrielle Union on her birthday

Five years after his film debut in Distraught, Bilderback played bitchy but ultimately harmless Whitney, who ultimately turns out to be a team player.

Bring it on was her biggest movie, but she has worked in film and television regularly, including a recurring role of Heather in Dawson Creek, followed by lodge, Hero, Case closed, Num3rs, Chateau, The mentalist, BONE, NCIS: New Orleans and Brooklyn nine-nine. A martial arts expert and dancer by training, Bilderback has performed all of her own stunts over the years.

Bilderback, who is Korean-American, told the Huffington Post in 2018, “The majority of the roles I performed were roles intended for Caucasian actresses where ethnicity was not specified. So for me, I I was lucky in the sense that I wasn’t really categorized as an Asian actress. And I think a lot of it had to do with the timing. I was one of the first. It was like me, Lucy liu, Lindsay Prize and one or two other actresses who are still working today. “

When asked what it was like to continue auditioning at this point in his career, Bilderback (who read for Crazy Rich Asians but I did not understand it) replied, “I have always been very lucky. I have always worked. But for me personally, it is taking to the next level that I thought I had already reached by now.”

“This year has been a very nice and big breakthrough year for me because I came back to writing,” she continued. “I wrote a half-hour sitcom pilot with one camera, kinda vaguely about my life, really. I’m producing now too. I’m producing my first feature., There’s only one. only way to become a successful actress and achieve the success that I always knew I was meant to achieve, other than just by auditioning. “

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