Enjoy the long weekend with our picks for this week’s best PC games

The main attraction this week for PC gamers is TMNT: The Cowabunga Collection, which contains thirteen games spanning decades of console releases. And once you get tired of inflicting psychological damage on yourself due to the extreme difficulty, then you can indulge in the psychological horror and tension of the rest of the choices.

We have two card game themed titles, Inscryption and Card Shark, both of which diverge very differently in terms of gameplay, but share the same tension and risk in each card battle. Needy Streamer Overload explores the psychological horrors and mental degradation that live streaming and greater internet culture can inflict on all of us, while Abaddon: Princess of Decay explores the psychological damage that more physical manifestations of fear and horror can inflict on young minds.

Whatever your gaming preferences, there is a game that will meet your needs. So be sure to check out the offers on this list and you certainly won’t be disappointed.

TMNT: The Cowabunga Collection

Leonardo and Raphael fight in a burning apartment

(Image credit: Konami Digital Entertainment)

This week’s big release is the TMNT: The Cowabunga Collection, a massive collection that contains thirteen classic games, including several online multiplayer titles. Hot on the heels of the excellent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge, this collection offers old fans and newcomers alike more beat-em-up and platforming action from NES titles.

While there are a few issues like a clunky UI and no native controller support, the games themselves run quite well and there is full online support for multiplayer games. But also, for those unfamiliar with old school Konami games, know this. They were extremely hard. Like breaking your hard controller, and those older games make Elden Ring look like a tutorial level.

Many platformers force you to manage the four turtles by mastering their unique abilities to traverse the different levels, and if you don’t do it perfectly, you’ll constantly die until you do. And beat-em-up titles throw wave after wave of enemies at you, forcing you to think strategically as you face increasingly difficult odds in regular enemies and later bosses. Shredder’s Revenge used that same formula to great effect, and you see what makes it so addictive in this collection.

Find it Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection on Steam (opens in a new tab)

Abaddon: Princess of Decay

Choose who to save in Abaddon: Princess of Decay

(Image credit: FAKKU)

Just a warning: this is a very graphically sexual game as well as a very bloody and bloody one, and these themes often intersect. That said, Abaddon: Princess of Decay is so much more and if you’re fine with or even prefer games that are unabashedly exciting, then you’ll find incredibly deep and complex RPG mechanics and old-school exploration inspired by the NES classic of Capcom, Sweet Home.

The cast are young adults trying to escape from a haunted mansion, with the protagonist searching for his father and two college assistants who are also trapped somewhere. There are several other characters to choose from to form a party where you explore, search for clues, fight enemies, and can even activate special stages and events when they team up with the protagonist or each other. Each party member comes with their own unique ability and enemies they fear, and if they lose all their hearts, they’re dead forever. Depending on how many party members survive, this affects cutscenes and endings, as well as the frequency of events that permanently kill the remaining party members.

Exploration and enemy encounters in the field are very sweet at home, which means both random and challenging, and you need to complete multiple runs to build up your inventory of items and weapons. This makes later runs easier, meaning you can access more endings, including the true ending. It’s not a game for the faint of heart, but there’s tons of content with lots of rich lore, as well as more than enough dirty content to keep things interesting.

You can find Abaddon: Princess of Decay on Itch.io

shark card

A player cheats a hand of cards in Card Shark

(Image credit: Devolver Digital)

In Card Shark, set in 18th century France, your character is mentored by the noble Comte de Saint-Germain (based on the real Comte de Saint-Germain) as he teaches you various devious tips and tricks to win card games. As your repertoire grows, the stakes in each deck of cards also increase, as you avoid being discovered by your opponents.

The tricks start small, but you quickly learn how to string together complex combinations that include card marking, fake shuffles, game changing, fake deals, and other tricks. But you have to be quick when taking them out, because the longer you take, the more suspicious your opponents become. And if they find out you cheated, it’s curtains for you, especially as your playmates become more and more dangerous and the stakes rise.

The gameplay itself can certainly be challenging and tense, but the controls aren’t hard to master at all. Many of them require certain button presses or analog stick movements in different patterns and directions. The hardest part is memorizing the order of each turn in a combo, but you have the option to lower the difficulty if it gets too difficult. Then there are the beautiful painting-like artworks and the beautiful musical score that accompanies the various decks of cards, which adds an extra touch of emersion and high-society culture.

To find Card Shark on Steam (opens in a new tab)available now

Overload of needy streamers

A needy streamer checks the comments on her stream

(Image credit: WSS Playground)

For those immersed in today’s online culture, we know that beyond ultra-chronic live streams trying to please their supportive and increasingly demanding audience, lies a much darker world filled with an obsessive fanbase, online abuse, deteriorating mental well-being and self-esteem, and other issues. .

Needy Streamer Overload dives headfirst into this online culture through the eyes of a young woman named Ame who goes by the super-cute alias “OMGkawaiiAngel” as she seeks online fame and self-validation by slowly rising his follow count across various livestreams. It’s incredibly accurate and well-researched, conveying streaming culture with both critical purpose and clear love.

The interface is bright, colorful and well thought out as it contrasts with extremely dark themes like suicide, drug addiction, self-harm, mental breakdowns, verbal abuse, etc. The localization is absolutely masterful and perfectly reflects the already excellent Japanese writing. Meanwhile, Ame makes for a messy and complex protagonist who deteriorates with each of the many endings.

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A Rat King card played in Inscryption

(Image credit: Devolver Digital)

Another card game title, but this one goes in a completely different direction. It combines a dark setting with deck-building roguelike, escape room puzzles, and psychological horror in a dark yet addictive title. According to the description on Steam, you “acquire a deck of woodland creature cards through drafting, surgery, and self-harm” while uncovering the secrets of Leshy’s cabin.

The mechanics of the card game are simple: you start with four cards and a resource deck. Each card, called a creature card, has an attack and defense value as well as a summon value. The summoning value includes blood (number of creatures to be sacrificed) or bone tokens. Meanwhile, the resource deck is filled with squirrels which are free cannon fodder used to defend against attacks or sacrifice themselves for stronger creatures.

Its roguelike elements keep you on your toes and prevent strategies from getting too convoluted and meta. The flexibility of deck building and rules, along with the puzzle elements of cabin exploration, keep the game interesting and keep you coming back for more. Of course, the dark and disturbing artwork and world, combined with atmospheric music and sound design, further enhance the experience and setting.

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