Forensic psychologist declares Johnny Depp’s verdict the end of the MeToo movement

A forensic psychologist says Johnny Depp’s libel victory over ex-wife Amber Heard was the “end of the Me too‘ time.

After the highly publicized trial, a jury ruled in favor of the Pirates of the Caribbean actor, awarding him $15m (A$20.8m, £12m) in damages for the editorial written by Heard in 2018.

Heard was also awarded $2m (A$2.7m, £1.6m) in damages after the jury agreed that one of Depp’s lawyers defamed her.

But, according to forensic psychologist Jessica Taylor, the verdict has bigger consequences.

“It’s basically the end of Me too,” she said rolling stone.

“It’s the death of the whole movement.”

She also said the outcome of the trial would prevent victims of sexual assault and domestic violence from speaking out, as the verdict would open the “water floodgates” for defamation suits.

“Survivors watching this will rethink everything they say out loud about what happened to them, and the potential of being sued and dragged into legal proceedings for saying something they know to be true, but they could be found guilty of defamation,” she said.

“It’s a scary place.”

A sexual assault survivor has also revealed she faces a defamation lawsuit after coming forward with her own attacker. Although the lawsuit was later dropped, she claims that see again the high-profile celebrity trial brought back many triggering memories.

“I’m really happy to think that my case hasn’t moved forward. And stupid to think I could have won,” she said. “Men always win.”

Guardian Moira journalist Donegan criticized the reactions to the trial as an “orgy of misogyny”.

Credit: Cliff Owen/CNP/Alamy

Donegan spoke about how the lawsuit was torn apart on social media, with many memes, gifs and videos created to mock Heard’s testimony.

She wrote: “This cruelty has now been joined and compounded by the jury, who have gone beyond mocking her for telling her story, and have now declared that she had in fact broken the law in doing so.”

Donegan said that despite criticism directed solely at Heard, victims of domestic and sexual abuse would also feel the brunt of the public backlash. It will also have lasting effects on cases of this nature in the future, she said.

“A woman has been made into a symbol of a movement that many view with fear and hatred, and she is being punished for that movement,” Donegan said. said.

“In this way, Heard is still in an abusive relationship. But now it’s not just with Depp, but with the whole country.”

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