Freshmen reflect on their first two weeks of college – The Famuan

First-year students should be able to find everything they need in the new CASS building. Photo by: Jarrod Gunn

Kaia Wright, a first year psychology student in Atlanta, is new to the area and is still trying to get used to her new surroundings after more than two weeks in the Florida capital. This is his first semester on campus.

“My first two weeks have definitely been an adjustment, especially coming from out of state,” Wright said. “But on the other hand, everyone at the university has been very welcoming for the most part, so it has helped me make an easier transition to the area.”

Freshmen interviewed for this story said their first two weeks at college were difficult at times, but also rewarding. Freshmen said they were excited to finally be on campus even though you still need to follow college guidelines regarding COVID.

Amon Brown, a first year mechanical engineering student from Baltimore, had never been to Tallahassee until he decided to move to college. This is his first semester on campus.

“I definitely had to adapt quickly in the first two weeks of class because it’s a faster pace,” Brown said. “From day one every teacher started teaching the material and giving homework, but I already understood that if I didn’t put off my homework, everything would be fine.

Nadia Gordon, a public relations major from Sanford, lived in Florida her entire life, but had never visited Tallahassee before deciding that FAMU would be the university she attended.

“It’s a good experience so far and I’ve met tons of great people,” Gordon said. “I have participated in many activities on campus that have made the transition to independent living easier. The teachers have listened to me so far when I asked for help.

Freshmen around the FAMU campus have had mixed emotions about how they plan to steadily progress in furthering their education. While socializing is always a challenge for everyone due to COVID, everyone always meets new people.

Now that everyone has settled on campus, these freshmen plan to take advantage of the opportunities they have at FAMU and continue to go to class and keep their priorities in order so they can be. sure to complete their first semester of college. impeccably.

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