Grenfell Campus launches new online learning platform

Memorial University’s Grenfell Campus is changing the way some courses are delivered in a virtual format.

The Corner Brook campus launched the VirtualGC program, which was developed based on the improvements that could be made to online learning after the pandemic.

The program allows students and individuals from all over the world to enroll in any virtual course offered by MUN.

Dr Ian Sutherland, vice-president of the Grenfell campus, says one thing they learned when in-person classes were suspended during COVID-19 was the need for flexibility in virtual learning.

He says they’ve learned a lot since 2020. Sutherland says that while in-person classes are the “bread and butter” of post-secondary learning, remote learning has allowed them to experience which classes work. well through an online format.

Sutherland says programs that can be taught via video content and e-learning are successful through distance learning. He says VirtualGC will offer courses such as business, chemistry, environmental science, math, psychology and some arts courses.

Tuition fees for online learning through Grenfell’s new program will be the same as the cost of in-person lessons. A $60 application fee will apply to those who are not currently enrolled in the university.

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