Howling Village: the creator of the Ju-On saga returns with his most terrifying film

the japanese horror cinema returns once again with the new proposal from the filmmaker Takashi shizimu, the famous director of the saga Ju-On (The Grudge or El Grito in Spain) and other Japanese horror films. Yes indeed, Howling Village presents its terrifying trailer with Spanish subtitles that you can see at the top of this news for its premiere in the West this summer. And does the August 17 arrives in Spain in numerical format (VOD) both to buy and to rent, while the September 14 will also be available in Blu ray.

Following the search for a cursed village

Yes indeed, Takashi shizimu writes and directs this new Japanese-style horror film with the collaboration of the screenwriter Daiseuke hosaka, with whom he also collaborated for the next Suicide Forest Village. In the case of Howling Village, several people seem obsessed with finding a haunted village as part of an urban legend while a psychologist named Kanae is able to communicate with spirits.

“The legends and fear of the Inunaki people (Japan) come to life. Everything about this place is cursed and morbid. Kanae comes to this place, a psychologist who not only has a professional curiosity, but who also has the particularity of being able to communicate with spirits ”, we can read at home. official summary. It will then be when Kanae discovers family ties with said village.

remember that Takashi shizimu was commissioned to direct the remake of his own film for Hollywood in 2004 with Sam raimi as a producer, leading to two more sequels. In 2020 a new reboot of the saga was released under the title of The Grudge, now without the Japanese director directly involved in the project. Howling Village It was released last year in Japan, although it is only now that it has made the big leap to the West, as they say, available this August 17 in digital.

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