Independent candidate Zachary Mackin kicks off ASUC Senate campaign

Campus sophomore Zachary Mackin is running as an independent candidate for ASUC Senate.

Mackin aims to improve student access to resources, increase club and department funding, and improve ASUC’s relationship with students. According to Mackin, campus resources are difficult to access. As a result, he will work to improve campus internet services, expand the hours of the library and recreational sports facility, or RSF, and advocate for more funding.

“I am committed to addressing everyone’s concerns and representing all students, and to pushing the campus and ASUC toward popular demands and creating better opportunities for students,” Mackin said.

Internet connectivity is an issue on campus, according to Mackin. He noted that there are students who cannot study on campus due to poor internet connection.

Mackin added that there are students who have no choice but to study at campus libraries due to their living conditions.

“I’ve talked to people who have classes all day and have to do their homework, and some live in a noisy environment that’s not conducive to studying,” Mackin said.

Mackin is advocating for an extension of hours at libraries and at the RSF to account for overcrowding.

Students pay a lot of tuition, and ASUC should advocate for student needs, Mackin said.

Mackin added that he will advocate for more funding for departments. Mackin alleged that there are many departments that lack adequate funding to support their students.

The departments of economics, psychology and electrical engineering and computer science, or EECS, are among the departments Mackin says are underfunded.

“EECS held a town hall on the fiscal crisis in February,” Mackin said. “It’s frustrating for students who have paid tuition and can’t take the courses they want to take. It’s unfair to students, they pay too much tuition and they can’t get the education they need and deserve.

More funding for clubs is another priority for Mackin, as he noted clubs are struggling to secure funding.

Mackin also wants to improve the students’ relationship with ASUC. He said ASUC has failed to create an environment where students feel represented.

“In the last election, less than 10% of students voted,” Mackin said. “It’s a problem because it doesn’t represent the student body as a whole.”

Mackin added that many students don’t understand how ASUC works and said that needs to change.

If elected, Mackin aims to represent all students and push ASUC to support student demands.

“I want to rebuild ASUC to advance the things the student body has asked for,” Mackin said in an Instagram post. “These include extended opening hours, like the library and RSF, improved funding for departments, like EECS, and an internet upgrade.”

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