“It hurts to see a tennis player with psychological problems”

In a recent interview with GQ, Roger Federer expressed his opinion on the issue of athlete mental health. The Swiss maestro said: “It hurts to see a tennis player who is not well psychologically. The stress is enormous.”

The Swiss champion, will return to the court in 2022. In the interview, he added: “I think it is mainly due to social networks: in the first ten years of my career, they weren’t there, I just had a website and then over the next ten years they were everywhere.

Players, tournament organizers and journalists have to compete. We need a revolution. Or at least an evolution. We have to help young people. I can’t imagine the start of my career with social media. For ten good comments, there is always a negative and, of course, that’s what you focus on.

It is a horrible situation. Even when I’m feeling down, I know I have to act a certain way in front of the world press and it’s not always easy. We are human beings. “Ù

Roger Federer: “It hurts to see a tennis player with psychological problems”

One of the episodes that got the media thinking a lot saw Federer as an indirect protagonist.

The documentary Untold produced by Netflix indeed told the bad period that Mardy Fish passed in the last part of his career. Bad period which degenerated on the eve of the match against Federer at the US Open. The American could no longer handle the tension and decided to retire before the start of the match.

The interview focused on what started with Naomi Osaka, who is trying to regain the serenity that characterized the early and winning years of her career. After the affair that erupted at Roland Garros, when she announced that she would not speak to the press before retiring from the tournament, there was a lot of talk about the mental health of the athletes and the depression that affected the Japaneses. These last months.

Osaka returned to play an official tournament on the WTA Tour in Cincinnati, but has never been able to express her best tennis on the US Tour. After the lost match against Leylah Fernandez at the US Open, the former world number one also burst into tears during a press conference.

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