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A civil service exam is scheduled for next month for those interested in joining the Auburn Police Department, with the department and the city hoping to see more test applications arrive before the deadline.

Earlier this year, the City of Auburn Municipal Civil Service Commission announced an open competition scheduled for Saturday, September 17. The application deadline is Thursday, August 18. Assessments of reading comprehension, situational judgment, and problem awareness and reasoning are all included. in the written test. The salary listed ranges from $55,900 to $82,810 as these new salary ranges are part of the new ODA contract approved in July.

Applicants must be a high school graduate or have an equivalency certificate from the New York State Department of Education. Proof of education must be attached to the application.

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At a meeting of the Auburn City Council on Thursday, City Manager Jeff Dygert mentioned the upcoming application deadline.

“Enrollments remain low for this test,” he said. “I encourage anyone who might be interested in a career in law enforcement to at least… give it a try, take the test, see what happens.”

Auburn Police Chief James Slayton said Friday that 33 applications were received, though he noted that last-minute registrations before the written exam deadline were common.

“I would like to see that number of applications go into the hundreds,” he said.

Slayton, who has been familiar with the recruitment process since he was administrative lieutenant of ODA planning and training before becoming chief in July 2021, said if those test results normally come back in December with a physical exam Expected early next year, the department is trying something different.

The physical test is currently scheduled for some time in October this year instead of next year. Many police academies that recruits can train in if they pass the written and physical tests often start in the first few months of the year, Slayton continued. Once candidates pass both exams, a long process of additional work must be done to “find the best people”, he said, including psychological interviews, polygraph tests, making contact with candidate references, etc. usual is supposed to give the ODA more time to complete all this substantive work.

“It’s a little more work on our end, but we’re willing to put in the time and effort to find the most qualified candidates,” Slayton said.

While the state is working to return written exam results to New York City civil service agencies earlier than normal, he said, he noted that it is not expected that the September results arrive ahead of the start of targeted physical testing for next month. . If a candidate passes the physical exam but does not pass the written assessment, that person would not be considered further as they would not be eligible to be on Auburn’s civil service roster.

APD currently has five vacancies, the agency budgeted for a total of 68 sworn staff. Slayton noted that of the department’s 63 current employees, one was hired by Auburn but is in a police academy and is expected to graduate Aug. 26. they’re going to have minimal staff, but that doesn’t affect the way they do their job.”

Slayton noted that due to a series of retirements over the past two or three years, the department has a lot of young people. Various efforts have been made to let people know about the incoming civil service test, such as the ODA spreading the word via social media and a notice board on the Arterial.

No police academy start date for next year has yet been officially announced, he said. ODA recruits who successfully pass through a police academy are assigned a training officer for 18 weeks of field training. Those who pass through each part of this training will be able to go out on their own.

The leader explained why he thinks people should consider joining the ranks of ODA.

“We have a great department. We’re young and very active right now. We do a lot within our community, we give back to our community. It’s a calling, if anything,” Slayton said. “If you know you want to do this job, you have to register and take the test and be part of our team.”

He said the department always wants the best candidates “because the community is going to benefit.”

“We know we’re short (staffed), we know we need qualified candidates, and we’re looking for the best candidates to fill those positions,” Slayton added.

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