Jessica Smith appointed Director of Springfield’s Calvary Academy

Jessica Smith, who graduated from Calvary Academy in 2005, is the school’s new principal.

The former director, Jay Hinckley, is now the superintendent of Calvary Academy.

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Smith worked for the Sangamon Area Special Education District (SASED) as a school psychologist from 2013-2021. Smith also interned for SASED while serving as a pastor of Calvary Church quorum.

Calvary Academy welcomes students from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Smith graduated summa cum laude from Evangel University with a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies and Psychology. Smith graduated from Ball State University and the University of Illinois at Springfield.

During his eight years with SASED, Smith served the North Mac, Tri-City and Athens school districts.

Smith implemented a character education and bullying prevention program at Tri-City Elementary School, while mentoring new staff, serving as a homeless liaison and leading the union. SASED teachers as elected officer.

Smith planned to receive his school administrator license through the Illinois State Board of Education this summer.

Jay Hinckley is the new superintendent of Calvary Academy.

Smith has served as a youth leader for the Calvary Church Youth Ministry and currently leads a small group Bible study and continues to serve on the Calvary Church Vacation Bible School leadership.

Smith and her husband, Andy, have two children who attend Calvary Academy and the couple are expecting a third child this summer.

Hinckley was appointed principal of Calvary Academy in 1998 and had been on the teaching staff since 1988.

Hinckley’s first teaching post was at Girard in 1987.

Hinckley taught a number of courses during his many years at Calvary Academy and currently teaches the senior Bible class.

Hinckley is also a graduate of Evangel College with a major in social sciences, a concentration in history and a minor in communication and is a life member of Phi Gamma Mu.

Hinckley received his Master of Arts in Educational Administration from the University of Illinois at Springfield. He obtained his doctorate in Biblical Studies in Theology from the Master International School of Divinity.

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