Joe Biden not up to par | Letters

This is terrible! It is obvious that President Joe Biden cannot do his job. He struggles both physically and mentally and appears to be much older than his 79 years old. The liberal media insisted that former President Trump take a psychology test to assure them of his mental capabilities until he finally gave in to their demand. He passed very easily. Now it’s Biden’s turn. A lot of people in this country (including many Democrats) don’t believe the President is capable of making big decisions, and they fear he’ll really screw things up. The American people deserve to know that the person in control of the atomic code and making decisions affecting our safety / well-being is not mentally impaired. I’m sure the liberal media would feel better knowing that the man who holds the most powerful office in the world is mentally capable of doing his job. What about, Mr. President? It only takes a few minutes, and they’ll probably be making a home visit. With our cities in a terrible state and getting worse by the day, war with China or Russia (hot or cold) still a possibility and the forces within that country causing problems for their political advantage, we must know that the leader of the free world is mentally fit.

Jerald Bartlett, Waterloo

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