Keeping kids safe online with Bjorn Beam and The Security Squad

In a world of internet domination and symbiotic life consistent with the digital realm, Bjorn Beam is a creator who wants to make sure kids have street intelligence online. Bjorn Beam has developed the “Security Squad”, a way to educate and inform children about the potential dangers that exist online through an innovative, interactive and fun experience. The Choose Your Own Adventure setup allows kids to get a feel for how choices can impact and disrupt their lives in a safe and secure environment.

Bjorn Beam is no stranger to the dangers that potentially lurk online, he’s an industry veteran – with ties to the FBI and CIA through cybersecurity and training mechanisms. Through his experiences, he noticed that there is a serious lack of online safety education, especially for children.

The security brigade

The Security Squad was an elegant solution that Bjorn Beam settled on, an online adventure game that teaches through fun and frivolity. The Choose Your Own Adventure aspect was a mark of a true understanding of psychology.

After all, the choices made online are a stepping stone to the end result, showing it to kids from a young age is a real way to create positive behavioral triggers for their own futures and foray into the online space.

Gamification – Education

Through the gamification of the lessons, Bjorn Beam stumbled upon a new way of attracting the weaker and weaker attention of the younger generations, teaching with a balance between fun and educational merit to provide an overall positive response.

By choosing your own adventure structure, Bjorn Beam exploited the idea that children can see the immediate ramifications of potentially dangerous actions, and calmly and safely explain how that conclusion is avoided.

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