Latest news on coronavirus: “Perfectly OK” for vaccines to be exempt from quarantine, according to expert

PProfessor Christophe Fraser, an infectious disease epidemiologist at the University of Oxford, said the NHS Test and Trace app only told recipients to self-isolate if they were at risk of becoming infected, at the following criticism that he is interviewing too wide a range of people.

The expert who advised the Department of Health on testing and tracing told BBC Radio 4’s Today program: “If you check in at a location where there has been an outbreak, you basically get a warning. which tells you that you have been there and informs you you should either be careful or, if it is a major outbreak, advise you to take a test – so there is no need to isolate .

“The obligation to isolate comes if you have come into close contact, and we have shown in our analysis that this is really close contact – it is not six to eight meters, it is the kind of contact that gives a reasonable probability that you may have been infected and become a case – so if people use the app in that way, we slow down infections. “

Asked whether those who have been double-bitten should be exempt from self-isolation after being cracked by the app, Professor Fraser said: “I think one of the halfway proposals which would be a good way forward – I agree with the policy needs to be reviewed in light of the data on vaccine effectiveness – is for daily contact testing.

“When you receive a close contact notification, the one that says you’ve been close to someone for an extended period of time, the considered possibility is that you will be tested for seven days after being pinged by the app.

“There is a pilot, there is a test, people will be looking at the data very closely, but I think it would be a very promising way to reduce the number of disruptions for people.”

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