Lip care during winter

Winter can be quite harsh. Perhaps the most annoying thing about winter is the way it affects your skin. And the skin on your lips suffers the most because it is thinner and more delicate. By following a few instructions, you can take care of your lips and keep them healthy and plump even in winter.

Using lip balm

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Cold winter air is dry and wreaks havoc on your lips by drawing moisture out of them. This causes the lips to dry out easily and can lead to chapped lips; thing to be avoided at all costs. Using a lip balm can be very helpful for this problem. The balm can hydrate your lips and even create a protective barrier that should protect your lips from the harsh winter air for hours. After a few hours, you might feel the need to reapply and it is recommended that you do so. Try to take a lip balm with you that can be used at any time.

Don’t lick your lips

It’s very tempting, I know. Done in the hope of getting temporary hydration on your lips, in the hope that it will last you a few more hours without using lip balm. It is not. Not only does it not replace a lip balm, but licking your lips makes them even drier as soon as the saliva evaporates; which happens very quickly. It could be a habit for many. But whether you do it on purpose or not, try to avoid it as much as you can.

Night care

When you are awake you will be applying lip balms several times a day, but we cannot do this if we are asleep. This means that the lips will be left unattended for at least 8 hours. This is more than enough to have dry, chapped lips. It is recommended that you use a generous amount of lip balm or lip oil before going to sleep. Diluted glycerin can also be used. If you wear lipstick, take a few extra minutes to remove the lipstick before going to bed. If possible, try to exfoliate once a week.

Avoid peeling

Some people have a habit of pinching and pulling the dry skin off the lips bit by bit. Some like to peel everything. Either way, this should be avoided if you care about having healthy lips. Not only does this expose the layer under the dry skin, it can lead to bleeding and even infection.

Stay hydrated

Finally, staying hydrated is as important as any skin care routine. People don’t sweat a lot in the winter, so they tend to drink less water. This is one of the reasons we have dry skin and lips. It is strongly recommended that you drink plenty of water for healthy skin and lips.

Keep in mind that dry, chapped lips look very unattractive and can cause awkward situations, but these can be avoided if you take a few minutes out of your day to take care of your lips. Take the time to take care of yourself. And if things go wrong even after taking care of your lips, consider seeing a dermatologist.

Photo: LS Archives / Sazzad Ibne Sayed

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