Lost Sanity houses a forensic psychologist.


MANKATO, Minnesota (KEYC) – This weekend, Lost Sanity Brewery in Madelia hosted forensic psychologist and real-life crime writer Frank Weber to talk about his career talking to criminals you only read.

The Minnesota native has made a career of entering the minds of suspects and victims.

“So they bring this guy in an orange jumpsuit and chains on his wrists and feet.” They put him on the plastic chair in front of me, took that chain and wrapped it around his chains, ”Weber said.

In the presence of a grim death there is intrigue, horror and yet laughter.

“I think no matter what you do, you have to have a sense of humor. When I’m at work, and dealing with this kind of thing, I’m serious, there’s no kidding, but here we are, and i just have to share some of the weird stuff, because you get weird stuff. “

An opportunity to learn and joke about the macabre is an appeal that many have struggled to ignore.

Serial criminal stories may seem off-putting at first, but for some, it’s all part of the fun.

“It’s the intrigue and the mystique of it all, and what drives people to do this,” said Doug Fenske, co-owner of the brewery.

“I just think that’s the mystery of it. People love mysteries, and that’s real life stuff. And they want to know why people do what they do, that’s basically what motivates me, ”Weber said of why people are so intrigued by the macabre.

Along with a friendly chat and chat, Weber also invited the audience to find out what it’s like to sit across from him, by giving a live demonstration of a polygraph test, with a volunteer on the floor. harness.

In Madelia, Aaron Stuve, KEYC News Now.

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