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“Colleges will need to continue to be creative in responding to the ever-changing dynamics of our state and our communities”

Gabe Ross, district vice chancellor of communications at Los Rios Community College, said the district hopes to open campuses in the spring of 2022, even with changing health conditions. (Photo file)

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, the Los Rios Community College District has made efforts to try to keep its schools open while maintaining proper safety protocol.

In early August, the LRCCD announced that all Los Rios campuses, including American River College, were planning a full return to campus by spring 2022. But as the number of COVID-19 continued to rise in California , the district had to reorganize the reopening plan.

Gabe Ross, Los Rios’ vice chancellor of communications, said the district hopes to open campuses even as health conditions change.

“We expect our colleges to continue to be creative in responding to the ever-changing dynamics of our state and our communities,” Ross said in an email to Current.

In March 2020, the ARC shutdown the COVID-19 pandemic; since then, online learning has become the norm for students to take their courses.

ARC psychology student Sunny Alestra says online learning has been easier than in-person lessons.

“Online learning really gives you a hard love. But this hard love has helped me get through tough times and be able to be in the comfort of my own home, ”Alestra said in an email to Current.

As part of its plan to reopen, the LRCCD will offer hybrid courses for students who still wish to take an e-learning course.

“We continue to see more demand for online courses than for in-person courses,” said Ross. “We will continue to build our class schedule with the appropriate mix of online and in-the-field classes to meet student demand. “

The balance between finding courses for on and off campus students is a median that the LRCCD has tried to work towards, which includes adhering to all of the appropriate health protocols that the City of Sacramento has in place, has added Ross.

“We plan to bring back more course offerings and field services during the spring semester and beyond,” said Ross. “We will continue to follow the advice of local and regional public health experts, including the mask requirements of the Sacramento County Department of Public Health. “

Students who prefer online learning will still have the option of taking courses virtually, but it will no longer be 100% online like in the past 18 months.

“I personally took online courses and independent studies throughout high school,” Alestra added. “I prefer it academically online, but in person tends to be more fun in the social aspect of it all.”

For more information and updates on the LRCCD’s reopening plan, visit the ARC’s reopening plans webpage here.

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