Mental health services in Florence


Mental health services in Florence

Jane Farrell

28 January 2022 – 10:11

Feeling heard when you are struggling and knowing when and where to find help is crucial for those in need of mental health assistance. For many who have been transplanted to Italy, it can feel overwhelming to be outside the familiar, but Florence caters to its international community with English-speaking professionals who are ready to offer advice.

the Ordine Psychology Toscana recently highlighted the drastic increase in the need for services prioritizing mental health. President of the professional order, Maria Antonietta Gulino, commented, “It’s an emergency within an emergency. The virus and containment measures have forced us into social distancing and isolation, putting a strain on relational life. This fourth wave has created a new relational divide, affecting not only our body, but also our psyche. A regional law has been proposed to provide a psychologist alongside GPs through the public system to better deal with the crisis.

American psychologist based in Florence Mary Ann Bellini echoes this concern, emphasizing the need to focus on mental health. “There has been a noticeable increase in requests for therapy and counseling for disorders that have come outor perhaps were already present and have now increasedsuch as anxiety, panic disorders, depression, eating disorders and excessive alcohol consumption. These issues become something to really notice when they become intense and disturbing in your daily life. Two things are very important: making mental health a priority and being aware of what is happening; how is our mood, how do we feel, are there any changes we notice, and then try to prevent those changes from getting worse and harder to manage. We want to prevent this as soon as possible. Seek help, whether it’s talking to a family member, partner, good friend, family doctor, or of course seeking therapy with a therapist or counselor qualified »

English-speaking therapists

Mary Ann Bellini, individual, couple and family therapy. Also available for online sessions. Phone. : +39 339 5705988, [email protected]Lungarno Cellini 25

Matteo Defraia, clinical psychologist and Gestalt psychotherapist in piazza Alberti. Phone. : +39 340 2732298, [email protected],

Elizabeth Connolly, experience in individual, couple and family counselling. Phone. : +39 346 6577690, [email protected]

Paul Molinoa clinical psychologist practicing in English, French and Spanish.

Phone. : +39 331 1064726, via Verdi 7, [email protected],

Camille Jacksonrelational support. [email protected], [email protected]

Other Resources

Many study abroad programs in Florence offer on-campus services and resources for students.

the Misericordia Psychiatric and Psychological Clinic offers many services.

Tages Onlus for foreigners is an English-speaking clinical center offering psychology, psychotherapy and psychiatry services. Tel: 055 679037, [email protected]

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