Microsoft: Here’s How to Avoid Getting Your Card Details Stolen This Black Friday

As bargain hunters around the world prepare to spend big on Black Friday 2021, Microsoft has released some tips on how to stay safe while shopping online.

The company posted a blog post with some helpful tips to make sure you stay protected during the holiday shopping season.

The advice seems particularly relevant given that a recent Microsoft survey found that nearly two-thirds (63%) of holiday purchases will be made online this year, but global supply chain issues may lead some to between us to let our guard down in search of the perfect gift.

“While we all face these challenges and what they mean for our holiday traditions and celebrations, there is another group that is evaluating what it means for them: hackers,” noted Vasu Jakkal, Microsoft Vice President, Security, Compliance and Identity.

“We know that bad actors seek to understand the psychology of their victims – what traps they will fall for and what vulnerabilities they have. And this year there are new areas around which we all need to be very vigilant.”

Microsoft’s advice always includes double checking links to make sure they won’t take you to an unexpected location. Spelling mistakes, mistakes, or extra letters can often be a sign that an ecommerce con artist might be hiding.

He found that one in four shoppers had purchased an item that looked nothing like what it was described online, and 61% fell victim to what he calls ‘deceptive online shopping experiences’ such as scams.

Elsewhere, it’s important to make sure your passwords are strong and secure to make sure you don’t get trapped by attacks. The company claims to have discovered that there are 579 password attacks every second and advises users to enable multi-factor authentication or 2FA for that extra layer of protection.

“With so many people worried about availability, we all need to be very vigilant of scams that can exploit our desires to get the gifts our loved ones want,” Jakkal concluded.

“It can be easy to have tunnel vision and when we see an ad for what we want with a ‘guaranteed delivery’ offer. keep in mind that most offers that sound too good to be true are just that. “

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