New laws of 2022 strengthen training, oversight and support ::

– New North Carolina laws that come into effect on January 1, 2022 cover law enforcement training, local government corruption, firefighter cancer and healthcare.

Of the 192 bills enacted in 2021, many became law when they were ratified. Others, like new criminal penalties, came into effect on December 1. But several significant policy changes, including some in the state budget, come into effect on Saturday.

Law enforcement officers will now have to undergo a psychological examination before they can be employed in the state. All law enforcement and justice officials will also receive required new regular training in mental health, as well as use of force and duty to intervene, community policing, minority sensitivity. and ethics.

Firefighters who are diagnosed with work-related cancer after January 1, 2022 can apply for a state pilot program to provide supplemental health insurance coverage through the state insurance department. The pilot program runs until June 2023.

Local elected officials who use their office for personal gain will now be subject to criminal prosecution. This follows corruption scandals in several cities across the state in recent years. The auditor will also be empowered to require external audits for local authorities in difficulty.

Adult nursing home supervisors will receive annual state training on approved infection prevention and control methods. The change was made in response to the pandemic, which has swept through many such facilities over the past two years.

People looking for information about behavioral health or drug treatment facilities will be able to search a new state database for complaints against those facilities.

People living in local state-assisted adult care homes will see their monthly personal needs allowance increased from $ 46 to $ 70.

Parents of foster and adopted children will receive an increase in their monthly assistance checks. For birth to 5 years old, the allowance goes from $ 475 to $ 514 per child per month. For children ages 6 to 12, it drops from $ 581 to $ 654 per child per month, and for teens ages 13 to 20, from $ 634 to $ 698 per child per month.

General contractors will be required to undergo a criminal background check to obtain their required state license. They will also be able to use approved online courses for the required continuing education hours.

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