North Dakota State University Graduates – July 3, 2021 | Hometown


North Dakota State University awarded nearly 1,820 degrees to students in the spring of 2021.

Students in the region are listed by hometown. The list includes their major and the diploma obtained. An asterisk indicates those who graduated with honors after earning a GPA of 3.50 or higher.

The degrees are abbreviated BA, Bachelor of Arts; BFA, Bachelor of Fine Arts; BS, Bachelor of Science; BSABENG, Bachelor of Science in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering; BSARCH, Bachelor of Science in Architecture; BSCE, Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering; BSCONSM, Bachelor of Science in Construction Management; BSEE, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering; BSME, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering; BSN, Bachelor of Science in Nursing; BUS, Bachelor of University Studies; MA, Master of Arts; MARS, Master of Architecture; MATRG, Master of Athletic Training; MEDUCAT, Master in education; MLA, master’s degree in landscape architecture; MS, Master of Science; DNP, Doctor of Nursing Practice; PHARMD, Doctor of Pharmacy; Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Philosophy.

Bismarck Р* Jordan Aberle, BS, political science; * Emmett Adair, BA, history; Averie Anderson, BS, business administration; Tyler Backman, BS, management information systems; Hannah Bailey, DNP; Brandon Bauman, BS, human development and family science; * Jordan Bentz, BS, psychology; * Jamie Bishop, BSN; * Birgen Black, BS, Pharmaceutical Sciences; Kayla Briggs, PHARMACY; * Alexa Brown, BS, Pharmaceutical Sciences; * McKenna Brown, BSARCH; * Tatum Butz, BS, art; Andrea Buzakovic, PHARM; Alexandre Callahan, BSN; * Makinzie Callaway, BS, Animal Science; Ryan Clancy, BS, finance; Amanda DeWitt, PHARMACY; * Aristotle Diep, BSN; * Olivia Dietrich, BSN; Mikayla Dietz, BSN; * M̩lissa Domagala, BSN; * Dani Douri, BS, biochemistry and molecular biology; * Aleah Dyk, BS, criminal justice; * Samantha Eckroth, BSN; Kyra Ekre, BSN; * Dane Fischer, BSME; Zachary Franklin, BSEE; * Baylee Gartner, BS, physical education; * Allie Geiger, BS, psychology; * Katherine German, BSN; Ezra Gray, BS, political science; Joshua Grosz, BSME; * Kelsie Gustin, BSN; Isabel Hanson, BS, apparel, retail merchandising and design; * Morgan Hansted, BS, Biological Sciences; Kiara Harper, BS, exercise science; Alex Hausauer, BS, general agriculture; Mason Heustis, BSCE; Preston Hewitt, MATRG; * Heidi Hilz, BSN; Alyssa Holm, BS, biological sciences; Emily Hopfauf, MP; * Briana Humphrey, BS, interior design; * Tanner Jochim, BS, natural resource management; * Samuel Johnson, BSCONSM; * Anna Keller, BS, biological sciences; Alexandra Kulish, BSN; * Brianna Landeis, BS, radiological sciences; * Kyra Lind, BSN; * Bailee McEvers, BS, geology; * Christopher M̩duna, BSME; * Kayla Mittelsteadt, BS, accounting; Yasmin Mohamed, BSN; Jennifer Nagel, MARS; * Kaitlyn Peterson, BS, Animal Sciences; * Chandler Ramsdell, BS, computer science; Josh Renz, BS, political science; Jacob Richter, MS, business analysis; Kyle Roth, BUS; Kendrick Rummel, PHARMACY; * Alexis Rusch, BMUS, Music; Jos̩ San Jos̩ Gonzalez, BSCE; Drew Sandvig, BS, human development and family science; * Rachael Sayler, BS, business administration; Cale Schafer, MEDUCAT, directorate of education; * Katrina Schauer, BS, biological sciences; * Mathew Scheetz BS Biological Sciences; Brooke Schulte, MEDUCAT; David Schwartz, MS, computer science; Connor Silbernagel, BS, finance; * Erica Solberg, BS, political science; * Hannah Tangen, BFA; * Brennan Tyler, BSARCH; * Katie Unbehaun, BSN; Christian Wanner, BSME; * Hailey Wanner, BS, social science education; * Lisa Wentz, BSN; * Shanae Wentz, BSN; * Alyssa Wolf, BSN; Gabrielle Young, BS, veterinary technology.


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