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The rates of social workers and school psychologists available to students in Tasmania are below the national standard. The revelations that there would be a ratio of one social worker per 890 students and one school psychologist per 1,025 students came out in a state government response to an unannounced question from the education spokesperson Labor Josh Willie. The numbers were alarming for the spokesperson for Australian psychologists and counselors in schools and Professor Marilyn Campbell of the Queensland University of Technology, who said best practice for school psychologists was at least one in 500. students. IN OTHER NEWS: Professor Campbell said the number was the result of a referral from the NSW coroner after a student committed suicide in the state. “I think [the ratios in Tasmania] are a definite concern because we know that the mental health of our young people is deteriorating, and this was happening even before COVID, ”she said. The concerns were reiterated by the executive director of the Australian Association of Social Workers, Cindy Smith, who said the organization recommended a ratio of one student to 500 social workers. RELATED: Over 2,200 Eligible Students Not Receiving Education Support For People With Disabilities Says AEU “Behavioral Issues With Young People That Lead To Suspensions May Be Related To Underlying Problems At Home, such as poverty, family violence and intergenerational disadvantage. Social workers can identify and help address these issues and provide early intervention, ”she said. numeracy “.


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