OP Jindal World University Offers New Degree in Applied Psychology

The Jindal School of Psychology and Counseling (JSPC) introduced an honors bachelor’s degree in psychology in August 2021. In August, JSPC will inaugurate a new postgraduate program – a master’s degree in applied psychology. Both programs are designed to ensure that students receive a solid interdisciplinary training in the psychological sciences from a diverse group of research-active faculty. A rigorous yet flexible curriculum, combined with hands-on, real-world training, ensures students acquire the knowledge and skills needed to further their education or enter the workforce. The postgraduate degree will be offered in collaboration with our academic partner, the Jindal Institute of Behavioral Sciences (JIBS). Comprised of faculty members from leading institutions in India and abroad, the Institute is dedicated to the understanding, development and application of human process skills through experimentation, research and continuous learning. JIBS works with top national and international researchers to address critical issues of human behavior from a multidisciplinary perspective. JIBS also sponsors several research centers, including the Center for Victimology and Psychological Studies, the Center for Leadership and Change, the Center for Community Mental Health, and the Center for Criminology and Forensic Studies. The two-year MA/M.Sc. offers a world-class educational experience in three disciplines: (i) community psychology; (ii) Forensic and Investigative Psychology; and (iii) industrial and organizational psychology. For each area, psychological principles, methods, and research findings are applied to real-world problems in government, business, private industry, society, and many other spheres of influence. In the first year, students gain a mastery of psychological and related behavioral sciences through carefully selected coursework, followed by discipline-specific instruction in the second year. Internships ensure that students can use their knowledge and skills beyond the classroom, enhancing their expertise and academic qualifications. The Dean of JSPC, Professor (Dr) Derick H. Lindquist, said, “Undergraduate and graduate students will be taught in academic and skill-based courses spanning the breadth of psychological sciences. Classroom learning is enhanced by internships that provide direct application of student knowledge through psychological testing and other methodologies. Additionally, internships—completed each summer and winter—allow students to interact with disparate organizations and psychological professionals. We’re also excited to announce a new psychology research lab that will be directly involved in psychology research and experimentation. The lab will allow researchers and students to measure brain activity, sensations, eye movements, physiological measures such as heart rate and blood pressure, and much more. Altogether, students can be confident that they will gain the knowledge, experience, and exposure needed to find a well-paying job or be highly competitive for admission to the best postgraduate programs in the world. Professor (Dr.) Sanjeev P. Sahni, Director of JIBS, says, “Blended with rigorous theoretical and practical aspects in line with advances in the field, our MA/M.Sc. Psychology program emphasizes on interdisciplinarity in the understanding and application of psychology, focusing not only on interactive classroom teaching, but also on experiential learning and hands-on activities. We aim to take a creative, research-based approach to this program with the aim of facilitating a smooth interface between the world of psychology professionals, academia and the community. Together, the two psychology programs extend the academic specializations offered by OP Jindal Global University (JGU), a non-profit global university recognized by the University Grants Commission of India. JGU has been designated ‘Institute of Eminence’ (IoE) by the Indian Ministry of Education and is currently ranked as the top private university in India according to the QS World University Rankings 2021.

Prof. (Dr.) C. Raj Kumar, Vice Chancellor of JGU says, “Since its launch in 2020, the Jindal School of Psychology & Counseling (JSPC) has advanced the legacy of excellence and interdisciplinary studies – the two characteristics of JGU. The same time. He has shown the way forward in contemporary best practice in the field of teaching psychology and related sciences. Teaching and learning at JSPC is characterized by a vibrant scholarly and research culture that seeks to leverage the university’s internationally accomplished faculty members and innovative interdisciplinary curriculum. The BA program offered by JSPC and the MA/M.Sc. The programs offered by JSPC and JIBS are truly unique and I strongly encourage students interested in the field of psychology to join us at JGU and experience a vibrant intellectual community and receive comprehensive training in theory, psychological experimentation and practice. REP REP

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