Prioritizing Employee Mental Well-Being – Organizational Psychologist

Professor Kwesi Amponsah-Tawiah

A professor of organizational psychologist at the University of Ghana, Professor Kwesi Amponsah-Tawiah, has urged organizations to put the mental well-being of employees at the top of their business concerns to enable them to remain competitive.

He said it would also help businesses adjust to the new post-pandemic way of working.

Security Awareness Day

Professor Amponsah-Tawiah made the call in Accra yesterday to mark this year’s Volta River Authority (VRA) Security Awareness Day.

The event, held at its headquarters in Accra on the theme ‘VRA in the Age of COVID-19: Sustainability of Our Business’, aimed to raise awareness of safety among staff and strengthen compliance with high standards of safety and health at work. and environmental practices.

As part of the occasion, a minute’s silence was observed for staff who lost their lives to COVID-19.

Some departments of the authority were also honored for maintaining high security standards.

New normal

The organizational psychologist professor said the pandemic has forced companies to consider a new normal that has changed the nature of work, making the well-being and mental health of employees more critical.

“It has therefore become imperative for organizations to create work environments that recognize, recognize and promote the importance of positive mental health to help improve their operations,” he said.

Wellness programs

Prof Amponsah-Tawiah said companies need to establish workplace wellness programs to help identify employees at risk for mental health issues, connect them to mental health treatment options, and provide supports that help to reduce symptoms and increase general well-being.

“It is also very essential that companies set up workplace assistance programs or create units that would provide psychological support to people, a place where individuals can go to discuss certain issues, because this It is only when employees are safe that our businesses will be safe, ”he added.


The Director General of the VRA, Mr. Emmanuel Antwi-Darkwa, for his part congratulated the staff for their courage, diligence and cooperation during the difficult times of the pandemic.

Without their collective efforts, he said, business continuity would have been compromised.

At the height of the pandemic, Mr Antwi-Darkwa said the authority had successfully put in place appropriate interventions such as screening people entering our facilities, testing staff who were prepared for infection, ensuring strict home work schedules to allow for social distancing in offices, among others.

Such actions, said the CEO, have had a positive impact on the company’s operations and have cumulatively contributed to reducing its risk exposure levels and ensuring the continuity and sustainability of the company.

“I would like to thank in particular our engineering and operations teams for maintaining electricity production in the country during the period. Your contribution will never be forgotten, ”said Mr. Antwi-Darkwa.

Sustainability plan

“Indeed, everyone including the investment department, the sales department, corporate strategy, corporate affairs and external relations, the secretariat of the board of directors and the head office have worked tirelessly to maintain our activities, ”he added.

As the pandemic persists, the chief executive noted that the company’s future still hinged on the extent to which it can spread successes and deepen its sustainability.

This is the strong reason why we must all rally to our sustainable development plan.

“There is no doubt that our proactivity ensured our ability to respond positively to the new normal way of running our business. We could not have gone this far if we had not paid attention to the COVID-19 protocols, ”said Mr. Antwi-Darkwa.

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