Psychologist Receives Hate Mail After ‘Rise of the Single, Lonely Heterosexual Man’ Report

Dating opportunities for heterosexual men are shrinking as relationship norms rise, according to a new report.

Couples psychologist Dr. Greg Matos has written an article titled “The Rise of Lonely, Single Men” in which he argues that “men need to take care of their [relationship] skills gaps” as women become “increasingly selective”.

“I hear recurring themes from dating women aged 25-45,” he wrote in the article published by psychology today.

“They prefer men who are emotionally available, good communicators and who share similar values.”

Dr Matos said there were three reasons why men struggled to find partners, citing the growing use of dating apps, rising relationship standards and men’s inability to “go beyond themselves. “.

“This relationship skills deficit which, if not addressed, will likely lead to fewer dating opportunities, less patience for poor communication skills, and longer periods of celibacy,” he wrote. . “The problem for men is that emotional connection is the cornerstone of healthy, long-term love.”

The report aimed to highlight a growing problem identified in a study 2020 who found that loneliness is greater in men than in women – but it quickly sparked a pile.

Within hours, thousands of posts on the subject were shared on Twitter and TikTok.

But while the women aren’t shocked – they’ve complained for years about “the height of the bar” – many men are outraged, arguing that women are “too picky” and have “double standards”.

Dr Matos then took to TikTok to reveal he was getting ‘hate mail from men’ following his post, which also cites a recent Pew Research study which revealed that men are now “more likely than women to be single, which was not the case 30 years ago”.

“Why? When all I do is ask you to be the best version of yourself. That’s it,” he said. is to be the best version of yourself.”

However, women were far less shocked by Dr. Matos’ findings, with many praising the article for “validating” what women in the dating scene have expressed.

“Men would rather die alone than just be good people,” one Twitter user wrote.

“The bar for straight men is the literal floor and they will always tunnel under it,” another commented.

While one remarked, “I guess bare minimum and misogyny don’t work?”

But while it appears the men are going wild after being called out for their poor behavior, Dr Matos said there was hope.

“Men have a key role in this transformation, but only if they go all-in. It’s going to take that kind of commitment to themselves, to their own sanity, to the kind of love that they want to generate in this world,” he wrote, before adding, “Are we going to step up?”

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