Psychologist Reveals How Sharing Food Can Boost Happiness

November 09, 2022


Fans of the iconic American television series Friends may be familiar with the catchphrase “Joey doesn’t share food!” “. Joey didn’t know that sharing food had its benefits.

According to Dr. Gary Chapman, sharing and sending food correlates with two types of love language. In Dr. Chapman’s book The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Lasting Love, the two love languages ​​that correlate with food are “receiving gifts” and “acts of service.” The other three types of love language are words of affirmation, quality time, and physical touch.

What makes the correlation between food and love languages ​​appealing and applicable to everyone is that Dr. Chapman has applied love languages ​​to go beyond romantic relationships and extend to family members, friends , colleagues, acquaintances and even at work.

Dr. Chapman is just one of many professionals embracing the virtues of food sharing. In the review article “Food for love: the role of food offer in empathic emotion regulation” by Myrte E. Hamburg et al, food is recognized as a basic human need that affects physiological and emotional states, signifies comfort and is an important indicator for building increased intimacy, friendship and love.

Indonesian mental health educator Agata Paskarista also spoke about the power of sharing food. She says, “Something as simple as sending food to another person can be a form of appreciation, affection and also love, capable of leaving an indelible impression on the recipient. It may seem like such a simple thing to do, but sending someone food at the right time will make them feel very appreciated and cared for.

According to Agata, food sharing has become a new trend and a new culture accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the era of social mobility restrictions, many people used online food delivery services such as GoFood to order food for themselves and their families, or to send food to others as a sign. of love or appreciation. Regardless of geographical boundaries, food sharing has increasingly gained popularity as a new language of love.

So how can you enjoy food and the language of love? Here are some tips and tricks to brighten someone’s day by ordering food:

1. Use social media to guide your food order

Today, even grandmothers and grandfathers use social media to share and store memories. When you want to brighten someone’s day by sending them food, find clues on their social media or check out their “GoFood Collection” for foods that make them drool. If you notice they’re craving noodles, head straight to GoFood’s cooking category and find recommendations for customers’ favorite noodle restaurant. Place the order and before you know it, your food gift will be on their doorstep!

2. Celebrate the little things with food

A celebration doesn’t have to be marked by a big occasion like a wedding, engagement, birthday, or other festivities. Small wins in your daily routine can be a great time to show you care. For example, cheering up your friends in the middle of exam preparation with a surprise pizza or a martabak is a very thoughtful gesture. Or maybe you miss a member of your family? Send them comfort food to bring back childhood memories with a taste of the good old days.

3. Share your affection with a note

A short note sent with your food gift can make all the difference. Use the “virtual greeting card” feature on GoFood to show how much you care. Just write your personal message directly from the Gojek app and you can also share it on instant messaging apps. Who would have thought that simply sending food could mean so much!

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