Psychologist Reveals Red Flag That Could Reveal Date’s Dark Trait

A psychologist has issued a warning to TikTok viewers about an unexpected red flag to watch out for when it comes to dating.

Creator Daniel Acon (@thedanielacon) told his followers to be “extremely careful” if the person they’re dating displays this red flag – but the video has viewers divided.

After warning that the red flag in question could be “the sign of a narcissist”, Daniel’s viewers were split in two.

Some followers fully backed the psychologist’s claims, sharing their own experiences of dangerous encounters.

One commented: “Yes please be careful ladies. I’ve been through it.”

Another added: “It happened to me and yes there is hell to pay”

“They will also want you to move in very quickly, to convince yourself to quit your job so they can ‘take care of you’. NO. They are cutting your resources to trap you,” said a third.

But others were defensive, arguing that there’s nothing wrong with knowing what you want out of a relationship and making sure both people are on the same page.

“It’s better than someone wasting your time and not wanting to get married and have a family,” one viewer insisted.

Viewers are divided on this dating claim. (Credit: Unsplash)

“Sorry, but I’ve been talking about marriage and kids for 6 months. I’m in my thirties and have no time to waste,” a second commented.

A third asked: “Is it wrong to approach a relationship with your intentions? 🤔 and if a man wants kids and a family… do you waste time dating them if they don’t. “

Responding to the last comment, Daniel explained, “There’s a difference between wanting to know if someone wants to get married and someone wanting to get married to you after a month of knowing you.”

He later added, “Asking people if they want to have kids or get married at some point is different from someone wanting to get married/have kids without even knowing you.”

So what do we think? Red flag?

This red flag is definitely one to watch.  (Credit: Pexels)
This red flag is definitely one to watch. (Credit: Pexels)

Although not all Whirlwind romances can show the hallmarks of a love bombardment, Sally urged those caught up in a fast-paced relationship to trust any intuition they have that things may not be going well.

Looks like it’s definitely something to watch out for.

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