Psychologists say young people today are sensitive and need emotional support: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Aakanksha N Bhardwaj

Jalandhar, September 21

An unfortunate incident of suicide by a student at Lovely Professional University (LPU) has highlighted various concerns about young people ending their lives by taking such extreme measures. This is not the only case. Suicide deaths have been on the rise lately. Whether they get scolded by their parents or fail to achieve their dreams, students of an impressionable age end their lives for some strange reason.

Dr. Nirdosh Goel, a retired associate professor (psychiatry) and former head of the Civil Hospital drug addiction center, says he has dealt with several such cases in his career where students have suicidal thoughts because of the depression. It highlights some characteristics of this age group. “People in this age group are very sensitive and make decisions emotionally. Most of them stay away from their parents, have study stress and don’t adapt well to the environment,” he said. “Typically, those who end their lives by suicide give clues to their parents two to three months before through conversations,” he says.

Dr. Goel points out: “If you have suicidal thoughts. It is important to start treatment. Simply telling them it’s okay and everything will be fine won’t help the person.

With over 40 years of experience in psychology, DAV University Vice Chancellor Dr. Jasbir Rishi says there is also an increase in suicide rates in general. Intolerance has increased and dealing with life’s adversities seems difficult for many people. “I would say parents need to mentally train their wards to fight the issues in their lives,” she says.

Unfulfilled dreams, depression… reasons galore

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  • Stressed-out physical therapy student dies by hanging himself from bedroom ceiling fan
  • Depressed due to continuous harassment from her teacher, a teenage student in Class X also ended her life
  • In Ludhiana, a 13-year-old boy ended his life when his mother refused to give him a new SIM card for his mobile phone

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