I don’t know what psychology course Mr. Regan took, but some of his emotional principles do not agree with those I learned. Indeed, we have emotions that affect our thinking, but people I know don’t carry their “child mind” much beyond the first year.

“Child’s mind can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality?” Bad. He’s the rare kid who watches “Sesame Street,” or superheroes, or cartoon fantasies who doesn’t realize there’s no truth to it. It is not correct to say that the normal thinker will think that the mention of “fraud” will lead to lack of confidence in an election. And very rarely will you hear two responsible “news experts” every night giving “polar opposites” unless it’s Fox News and about four other TV stations. Also, “Reject Hate” slogans will not cause thoughtful people to hate. The “inability to process a negative survives into adulthood” was not in my psychology book.

The point of Regan’s comment is valid, however. Forming opinions and decisions with “emotions” as opposed to “thought” is indeed wrong. This is precisely why we have so many problems with our democracy. Too many people “feel” their opinions rather than “think” them. We are emotional creatures who have free will to use our intellect to overcome our “childlike mind,” and well-rounded people do this around the sixth-grade level. It’s just common sense.



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