Shaanxi Bible School trains 67 volunteer pastors

“To further enhance the leadership skills, pastoral skills and theological literacy of pastors,” the 12-day 2022 Xi’an City Volunteer Pastors Training Course was held at Shaanxi Bible School.

Organized by Xi’an CC&TSPM, the training course was conducted by Shaanxi Bible School. Some 67 staff members from churches in the city, districts and counties attended the training from Aug. 8 to 19, the Shaanxi Bible School said.

This training offered 13 courses, including Religious Policies and Regulations, Christian Worship, Biblical Hermeneutics, Preaching, Pastoral Sharing, Introduction to the Old Testament, Introduction to the New Testament, Ministry Management of the Church, the sinicization of Christianity, the history of Christianity in China. , Basic Doctrine, Counseling in Pastoral Psychology and Differentiation from Heresy.

Certificates of completion were issued to trainees at the graduation ceremony on the 19th.

“This training helps volunteer pastors in Xi’an understand the latest religious policies and regulations, build their overall ability to evangelize and manage a church, and build their awareness of promoting the Sinicization of Christianity to better serve Christians. grassroots churches,” the school said. .

– Translated by Livingstones Shi


Shaanxi Bible School trains 67 volunteer pastors

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