Sodexo launches two new innovative benefit packages

Sodexo Romania, market leader in the sector of extra-salary benefits and rewards services to improve the quality of life of employees, launches two new innovative packages of extra-salary benefits: Gusto Pass Plus by Sanatate and Gusto Pass Plus by Echilibru. In addition to the amounts dedicated to daily meals, the new packages offer users access to telemedicine services, nutritional advice, stress management services, encouraging a healthy lifestyle and ensuring an increase in the quality of employee life.

The new packages complement the already existing Gusto Pass meal card, with additional services, as follows: Gusto Pass Plus from Sanatate offers, alongside the meal card, telemedicine and nutritional advice services, and Gusto Pass Plus from Echilibru brings, alongside the first two mentioned wellness benefits. Both packages will be available to employers, pre-existing, as well as those who want to offer employee benefits now, from 14and March.

“These packages are unique on the Romanian market, for their simplicity. The meal card gives access to several services of different categories, all concerned with quality of life and well-being. We have built these personalized offers, with medical services, preventive medicine and a healthy lifestyle, based on studies and market research, to meet the real wishes and needs of employees in Romania, as well as to those of employers, following global trends of increasing concern for the welfare of people. These come to support our mission and improve the quality of life of Romanian employees and we want them to have a significant positive impact on the way of life of employees and their families,” said Manuel Fernandez AmezagaCountry CEO, Sodexo Romania & Bulgaria.

70% of medical visits can be replaced by telemedicine services, according to data from the American Medical Association, cited in the study “Market study on telemedicine” conducted by the European Commission in 2018

Sanatate’s Gusto Pass Plus package includes several medical specialties, accessible in the telemedicine system, 24/7: general medicine, dentistry, pediatrics, internal medicine, gynecology, psychiatry, dermatology, cardiology, urology, general psychology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, rheumatology, nephrology, nutrition and dietetics, physiotherapy. Regarding Echilibru’s Gusto Pass Plus packages, these include, in addition to the telemedicine mentioned above, general nutrition, psychonutrition, psychology and stress management consultations, sleep disorders, personalized therapy programs.

The advantages offered by telemedicine services to users are speed, ease and accessibility in obtaining medical services, such as medical referrals, prescriptions, investigation recommendations, seeking a second opinion on a set of existing analyses, surveys or medical reports. These services are available to family members of employees who benefit from Sodexo services, under the same program, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For first-degree relatives, the services are offered free of charge.

“Companies can choose for their employees one of the two benefit packages that are added to the meal card to bring more value to the lives of employees, to enhance them. There are times when employees most cherish the sense of security, relationships and personal development and that is exactly why these services complement our portfolio and align with global trends. Sanatate Gusto Pass Plus şi Gusto Pass Plus by Echilibru are more than meal cards, they provide personalized dietary programs, health and wellness maintenance, to educate employers and employees towards a healthier lifestyle,” said Daniela Comanproduct manager, Sodexo Romania.

Telemedicine includes a variety of instruments and platforms that allow doctors to connect with their patients remotely, as well as each other. Access to the services included in the newly developed packages is by telephone or online, based on meal card data. The services can be carried out by telephone, with a response time of a few seconds, online on the portal, or by scheduled video consultations.

Sodexo’s Romanian partner for telemedicine and wellness services is Telios Care. The company is a pioneer in the telemedicine market in Romania, with a team made up of primary doctors and specialized doctors, doctors, teaching staff, academic staff, some of whom have multiple specializations and skills. The professional experience of the team includes working in public hospitals, as well as in private practices, in the country and abroad and, more recently, remote medical consultation, thanks to telemedicine.

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