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COLLECTION – Local Buckeye High School seniors Adrianna Blazeski, Bri Merkel, Aivri Ruttencutter and Ethan McHugh show off some of the items they’ve collected as part of their Secret Santa project to brighten up their fellow students’ vacations. The group raised $ 1,600 as well as clothing and toiletries that will be distributed to those in need.

CONNORVILLE – Some students at local Buckeye High School are playing Santa this Christmas and making sure the kids in the district have presents under the tree.

At the end of November, seniors Aivri Ruttencutter, Ethan McHugh, Bri Merkel and Adrianna Blazeski collected money and gifts as part of their Secret Santa project to make the holidays even happier for other students in need. Ruttencutter said McHugh sparked the idea and the teens took the initiative to run a campaign.

“We were in psychology class and Ethan had an idea to help the kids, and then I implemented it. We had teachers, students and people who made donations throughout the community ”, she said. “They donated money or things. We sent a list for middle and high school and split it up by gender. We also collected donations for the three primary schools.

The group also raised $ 1,600 and over 300 items, including clothing from sizes small to extra large, in addition to collecting toys, food and toiletries to help their peers. Wrapped boxes, bags and other gifts filled the rooms and hallways waiting to be distributed at Christmas.

Meanwhile, Ruttencutter and McHugh said they were happy to help brighten up the holidays a bit more for others.

“It’s a nice feeling to be able to help others who need it” she said.

“It’s nice to help all the children who need it” McHugh added.

Ruttencutter said another project is underway to create Easter baskets.

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