Students unsubscribed from Neuro 101 due to a change of instructors must re-register from Thursday

Students enrolled or on the waiting list in the Biological Basis of Behavior (Neuro 101) have been unenrolled from the course due to changes in teaching staff, according to a Wednesday morning email to registered students at Bridgette Hard and Leonard White , Directors of Undergraduate Studies in Psychology and Neuroscience, which was obtained by The Chronicle.

Karen Murphy, lecturer in psychology and neuroscience and course instructor, will be leaving Duke on August 15th. The course will now be taught instead by Minna Ng, assistant professor of practice in psychology and neuroscience.

White wrote that the department’s plan was to maximize enrollment given the space available and to place “the best faculty member” in the course.

“We are very lucky to have [Ng], who is this faculty member, ”White wrote.

Under Ng, there will be no discussion section for the course, so a reconfigured course was to be published on DukeHub with only live talks on Tuesdays and Thursdays included. Students who were registered for the course have been unsubscribed and can add the course from Thursday morning.

Ng’s other fall classes will be canceled to allow him to focus on the newly configured Neuro 101, White wrote to the students. This will create “another cohort of students who might also be interested in enrolling” in the course, according to the email to the students. However, the enrollment cap will remain at 150 students, meaning that some students who were originally enrolled might not be able to keep up.

According to data obtained by The Chronicle, 142 students were enrolled in the lectures section at 8 p.m. on July 20. Four of the six discussion sections were at full capacity. For Neuro 102, which Ng was previously scheduled to teach, 49 of the 50 seats have been filled.

Re-registration for the Neuro 101 course will be available on a first come, first served basis. Students were encouraged in the email to add the course on Thursday “or as soon as possible”.

In addition to removing the discussion sections, the conferences will also be different for Neuro 101 in the fall. Meetings on Tuesday will be live lectures with “active learning experiences planted throughout”, while Thursdays “will include collaborative team learning, concept formation and problem solving”.

White wrote that he hopes the students understand that they are “doing [their] best under conditions of very short notice to serve the greatest number of students’ who wish to take the course.

“We have practical constraints, such as which professors are available to take this course to teach, what spaces are available and what are their capacities, and what can we do throughout the academic year to provide students with the opportunity to meet their needs, ”he wrote.

He encouraged students who cannot re-register for the course to contact their Director of Undergraduate Studies for specific advice.

The department is considering how to increase Neuro 101’s capacity in spring 2022 and “will be working on several possibilities in the coming weeks,” White wrote.

“As always, we aim to provide the best experience for our psychology and neuroscience students and we value their collaboration and resilience as we make the most of difficult circumstances,” he wrote.

Murphy did not immediately respond to a request from The Chronicle asking him the reason for leaving college.

Nadia Bey
| Editor-in-chief

Nadia Bey is a Trinity junior and editor of The Chronicle 117th volume.

Lea Boyd
| Editor-in-Chief

Leah Boyd is a Junior Pratt and editor of The Chronicle 117th volume.

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