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Could cannabis use make you a better person? This is the suggestion of a new study published in the magazine Scientific reports, which found that people who had recently used cannabis displayed more “prosocial behaviors” – such as showing empathy, helping others and engaging in community service – than people who had not used it. . Read on to learn more and to ensure your health and the health of others, don’t miss these Sure signs you’ve already had COVID.


“Most investigations of the effects of cannabis use have focused either on the negative consequences of cannabis addiction or on the physical health effects of cannabis use,” said the lead author of the report. study, Jacob Miguel Vigil, professor of psychology at the University of New Mexico. “Almost no formal scientific attention has been devoted to understanding other psychological and behavioral effects of consuming the plant, despite its being so widely used throughout human history.”

In the study, researchers asked subjects to complete various psychological tests encompassing traits such as empathy, trust, and prosocial behaviors. They also tested the participants’ urine for the presence of THC, the active ingredient in cannabis.

Scientists have found that cannabis use can make people less self-centered and more focused on helping others and protecting them. Male cannabis users were more agreeable than non-users.

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“Our results are … consistent with research showing that acute THC intoxication is generally associated with attenuated aggression and positively related to subjective feelings of openness, peace, joy, wonder, spirituality and a heightened sense of connection to the universe,” the study authors wrote. They noted that previous research estimated that frequent cannabis use could increase an individual’s sociability by 68.4%, deep thinking by 31.4%, happiness by 16.1%, feeling good or pleasant by 20.9%, the insight of others by 11.9% and the insight of oneself or oneself. personal growth of 8.7%.

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The researchers also found that personality differences between cannabis users and non-users were associated with the time elapsed since cannabis use, suggesting that the effects are temporary. “The transience of effects shows that cannabis triggers changes in behavior and perception rather than that cannabis users and non-users differ fundamentally in their basic approaches to social interactions,” said Sarah Stith, co-author of the study of the economics department of UNM.


The study noted that cannabis has often been shown to have physical medicinal benefits, but research into its potential social and psychological benefits is in its infancy. “Prosociality is essential to the overall cohesion and vitality of society, and therefore the effects of cannabis on our interpersonal interactions could possibly prove to be even more important to the well-being of society than its medicinal effects” , said study co-author Tiphanie Chanel of UNM’s psychology department. .

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