Tokyo Games: Mirabai Chanu puts Rio grief behind, aims to lift more than Chinese at Olympics

Heartbreak at the Rio 2016 Olympics made Indian weightlifter Mirabai Chanu wiser and stronger by her own admission as she “learned everything from Rio – from my weaknesses to how to fix them, how to improve myself in terms training and performance in competition “. Chanu was “completely broken” after failing to secure an overall total in the women’s 48kg category as she failed to lift the weight in any of her three clean and jerk attempts. Five years later, she wrote a beautiful song of redemption by setting a world record in the clean and jerk lifting 119 kg. Coupled with 86 kg in the snatch, a total of 205 kg earned him the bronze medal at the Asian Weightlifting Championships.

Chanu revealed earlier this year that she had to see a psychologist after the failed Rio Olympics.

“The players need a psychologist a lot. Sometimes we feel really boring, we don’t feel like training or if we get injured in training we feel depressed. At that point a psychologist helps a lot. They motivate us, “Chanu said.

“After failing at the Rio Olympics, I was completely broken. I had the ambition to win a medal but I couldn’t do it. So I kept thinking, ‘After working so hard, why did I fail “.

“There were a lot of questions in my mind. Then I spoke to the psychologist at SAI (Sports Authority of India). They told me it was my first Olympics, so there was more pressure, the expectations were really high and that was all I had felt.

“I told them what I could do. After that slowly I was able to come back and do well,” she added.

Consulting the psychologist helped Chanu get back into shape by winning gold at the 2017 World Championships and the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

With his eyes fixed on Tokyo, Chanu now wants to challenge China, which believes that “no one can lift more than them”.


“I don’t want money at the Olympics, I want gold,” Chanu told PTI earlier this year.

“I have to go beyond the Chinese weightlifters. They think no one can lift more than them but I want to break this. I can fight with them.”

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